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Why a Targeted Mailing List for Plastic Postcards is Important


4 million tons of junk mail are produced each year. Will your direct mail plastic postcards be one of them?


Stop Junk Mail


How can you avoid being apart of junk mail? Junk mail is defined as “unwanted or unsolicited advertising or promotional material received through the mail or by email.” The term junk mail is only used to describe mail that is irrelevant or not applicable to your consumer. An example of this would be a young couple who receives a 20% off hearing aid special in their mailbox. Or an older adult without children finding a buy one get one free on all school supplies. This makes no sense which leads your plastic postcards to the trash. People are left annoyed and angry. So if you want to decrease your cost per sale and increase your ROI, then it is crucial to have a targeted mailing list.


Targeted Mailing List


What is a Targeted Mailing List? A targeted mailing list is a way to filter your consumers’ demographics. Such as age, gender, family size, income level, and more. What does this mean? This now allows your mailing piece to have a chance of being kept and not tossed. What you have to say and offer now applies to your mailing list and is relevant. There are several ways to saturate a geographical location to your advantage. There are just 3 steps to targeting your audience; upload your design, filter through demographics, and check out.

What is (EDDM) Every Door Direct Mail?


Every Door Direct Mail is a service that USPS offers. The USPS mails your direct mail piece for you. You choose a route to mail to and you can send up to 5,000 copies per day. “EDDM has specific size requirements. Your mailers should be more than 11 1/2” long, more than 6 1/8″ wide, or more than 1/4″ thick. They should not exceed 15” in length, 12” in width, or 3/4″ in thickness” NextDoorFlyers explains. There are six steps to mailing through EDDM; design your marketing postcard, follow the USPS guidelines (for thickness, size, and weight), get your postcard printed, prepare your postcards to be mailed, apply for a mailing permit, and then taking your postcards to the post office to be mailed. While it is cost-effective and cheap, Every Door Direct Mail does have major downsides.

EDDM vs. Targeted Direct Mail


EDDM does not offer the ability to create a highly personalized mailing list that suits your ideal customer demographics. This limits you to just a carrier route which increases your cost per sale which means you lose money. Targeted Direct Mail increases your ROI (Return On Investment) which actually saves you money in the end. Targeted Direct Mail lets you speak to your audience, adds the ability to personalize your campaign mailing list and allows you to notice a purchasing pattern from your customers. Targeted Direct Mail is easy, fast, precise, and more effective. This is also saving you hours of your precious time. EDDM requires labor work and is time-consuming. Time which could be used for your business. According to the DMA, EDDM has a 1% response rate compared to Targeted Direct Mail which has a rate of 2-5%. With Every Door Direct Mail, you are wasting your cost per piece. Every Door Direct Mail is complicated and blasts everyone (including homeowners who find your mailing piece irrelevant). Direct Mail is fast, simple, and targets best prospects.

The Bottom Line


Stop adding to homeowner’s pile of junk mail. Be positive that what your mailing is a return on investment. Don’t waste your money because in the beginning, the cost is cheaper. Think future sense about what responses you’ll get. Targeted Direct Mail is personal and does not need to meet certain requirements. Increase your leads and loyal customers. Don’t settle for less. Don’t waste your time and your money. Get more out of your marketing budget and invest in Direct Mail Plastic Postcards. ValCards can help you find a mailing list that meets your ideal customer. Ready for real results? Contact ValCards today at (760) 514-8746.


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