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Targeted Marketing vs. Mass Marketing


Many companies and business owners ponder the differences between a targeted mailing list and mass marketing. It is often wondered if there even is a difference and if so, is it that significant? You’d be surprised. In this article, we will decipher which marketing strategy brings in customers, saves money, and increases ROI rates.


Targeted Marketing


A targeted mailing list allows you to be more personal and exclusive with your plastic postcards. When you target ValCards plastic postcards, you filter your consumer demographics. You can filter through age, income, marital status, pet owners, family, occupation, etc. When you target your direct mail plastic postcards, you increase your chances of ending up in the consumer’s hand, rather than the trash. When you target your message to a particular audience, your ROI rates are guaranteed to increase greatly. Your plastic postcard mailing list can be suited more to your wanted consumers. A personalized plastic postcard draws in customers with its unique message. Targeting your marketing campaign helps your business make a connection with your audience.

If you do not target your mailing list, your plastic postcard becomes junk mail. Consumers do not want direct mail marketing pieces that are irrelevant to them. People want to see businesses and services they can benefit from and use. Plus, with ValCards, you can personalize your plastic postcard with variable data. You can have the homeowner’s names printed on your plastic postcard, making your consumer feel special and appreciated. Another factor to consider is the radius in which your postcards are mailed to. When you choose a targeted mailing list, you can choose to mail to homes within the radius of your stores or office. This is another way to assure you that your investment is going up. If you were to mail to every home, many may be ways away from your locations, giving you no business. Thus, leading your investment to the trash. With a targeted mailing list, your ROI rates are through the roof.


Mass Marketing


With mass marketing, you have to sacrifice your creativity for a generic single message. Instead of creating a detailed and personalized message that interests those who can benefit from your business, you come up with a message that is average. Don’t settle for average, create a plastic postcard that you’re proud of and grabs the attention of your targeted audience. Consumers are less likely to respond to a message that doesn’t apply or interest them. Let’s say, for example, you are the owner of a pet grooming salon. You choose to mail to 5,000 mailboxes. Instead of targeting your mailing list, you take a mass marketing approach in your campaign. It is highly probable that out of the 5,000 homes you mailed to, that half do not own a pet. You are simply pouring money down a drain instead of investing your marketing budget wisely. If you were to target your mailing list, that 5,000 could have all been pet owners. Why waste money by mailing to homes that don’t even have pets? It makes no sense. Mailing your plastic postcards to homes that are interested in your message makes your return rate exceed tremendously.

ValCards allows you to filter through a demographic generator, so you can ensure you are mailing to people who can greatly benefit from your business. Why settle for less and choose to mail to consumers that have no relation to your service or product. ValCards allows you and your company the opportunity to increase your ROI rates, maintain and bring in lifelong customers.


In conclusion, a targeted mailing list is needed for a successful plastic postcard campaign. Mass marketing proves to waste money in the long run instead of making money on your investment. Targeting your plastic postcard campaign actually increase your response rate instead of mailing your card to homeowners with no interest. Stop wasting time and money on those who aren’t applicable to your message. Begin your plastic postcard campaign and experience real results.

Your company will experience truly rewarding benefits with ValCards plastic postcards. ValCards plastic postcards can your business gain long-lasting clients, increase sales, and increase your return on investment.


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