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Restaurant Birthday Marketing

Why Birthday Marketing?

Birthday Celebrations Fill Tables!

Remember your last birthday? Remember what made it special? That’s easy- it’s the fact that other people remembered, and recognized the occasion. Now your restaurant can employ this simple direct mail marketing strategy into a sophisticated campaign that will help you win new customers and forge that precious relationship with your customer!

A restaurant’s biggest challenge is getting first time diners through the door and forging an ongoing relationship with them. Our Birthday Marketing Program is a quick way to introduce high value guests to your restaurant and keep them coming back.

The Facts!

  • 55% of all Americans celebrate their birthday by dining out with family and friends.
  • Birthday celebrations introduce new faces to your restaurant, yielding more guests per table and more spend per guest!

The Recipe!
We encourage guests to celebrate birthdays at your restaurant when they typically dine in larger groups and spend more per guest. A few weeks before the birthday, we mail personalized Gift Certificates offering A FREE ENTREE incentive. A three person (3-entree) minimum insures healthy profits.
The Secret Sauce!
We achieve high response rates with our attractive Gift Certificates delivered by the USPS into an uncluttered mailbox at the recipient’s home where it is opened, read, saved and redeemed. We don’t rely exclusively on email blasts because too many messages are blocked or sit unopened in “spam” folders. Email and social media are added ingredients used to remind and reinforce your Birthday Gift incentive.

A Proven Way to Create Huge Response Rates

Studies have conclusively shown that a direct mail marketing program tied to birthdays provides one of the highest response rates of any form of advertising.  As a restaurant owner or manager, you already know that the biggest challenge you face is getting first time customers in the door and forging a relationship with them.  Birthday marketing makes it easy and affordable to drive new business to your restaurant, fill tables and keep them coming back.  In fact, combined with your free offer, most of our customers enjoy add on sales that offset the entire cost of the campaign!  We are frequently informed of double-digit redemption rates that exceed the expectations of nearly all of our birthday program customers. 

Build New Trial

Nearly all of today’s birthday programs are focused on rewarding the customer with a free offer from your existing database.  While we firmly agree that this is a great way to add an incremental visit and build on your relationship, it is not doing much for building new trial.   Our birthday program focuses on the names that you do not already have in your database.  It is also a great way to add to your existing database by asking for their email address upon redemption. 

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