Plastic Promotional Gift Card Mailers

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Gift Card Plastic Mailer

Plastic Promotional Gift Card Mailers

Plastic Postcards and Plastic Gift Card Mailers are the ultimate new marketing tool. Here are few reasons why…

  • HIGHER Response Rates. Typically 4x – 10x greater than paper mail.
  • FASTER Response Time. Prospects immediately see the value of your offer with our “naked” gift card mailers.
  • GREATER Perceived Value. 76% of consumers are interested in purchasing or trying a new product or service based on receiving a gift card in the mail (Source: First Data Corp).
  • LONGER Shelf Life. Pop-out “Gift Card” slips neatly into the wallet of YOUR future member. Every time they look in their wallet, YOUR card reminds them to call.
  • MAXIMUM Return On Investment. Ask yourself, “Is it the cost of the card OR the effectiveness of the card that really matters most?!” Other products may cost less, but NONE will be as effective!
  • IMPROVED Tracking Ability. Collect, scan or swipe for accurate ROI tracking. Response rates of 6% to 14% are quite common.
  • VIP Invitations, Grand Openings, Retail Gift Cards, Membership Cards, New Product Promotions, Loyalty Cards, Event Discounts, Frequent Shopper Cards, Reward Cards, Birthday Cards, New Mover Welcome Gift Card, Auto Dealer Promotions, Insurance Cards and much, much more.

    We have developed a postcard mailer that merges the ease & use of a traditional postcard with a credit card-sized plastic card.  The ValCards Mailer is both affordable and effective in getting your company more business.  

    It combines the best features of a loyalty card program with a traditional direct mail campaign and has been recently approved by the USPS for mailing without an envelope.  No other marketing piece provides such great response rates at such low costs.  

    In fact, using the ValCards Mailer in lieu of a conventional plastic card carrier (letter, envelope and inserted plastic card) can cut your campaign costs in half – or more. You save on envelopes, letters, matching cards and insertion fees.

    Best of all, we can target your campaign to the market you want to reach.  We offer low-cost variable printing and versioning.

    Why Gift Card Mailers?

    A gift card stands out in any direct mail piece and is quickly removed by the consumer.  The wallet size, credit card thickness, personalized information and quality graphics make it a natural and attractive card to put in a wallet.

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