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Plastic Postcards vs. Other Direct Marketing



You’re a business owner and you want to bring in more customers. You have decided to invest in advertising and you want to try Direct Marketing. However, you are stuck. What form of Direct Marketing are you going to invest in? In this article, we will be breaking down why Plastic Postcards are the best form of Direct Marketing.


Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing comes in many forms: TeleMarketing, Email Marketing, Text(SMS) Marketing, Handout Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Direct Selling. What is Direct Marketing? Direct marketing is sending a piece of advertisement to a mailing list to promote a business or franchise.




TeleMarketing is an unsolicited call made by a salesperson to gain potential customers. Telemarketing is cheap and offers opportunities to follow up on leads. However, according to LinkedIn, “60% or more say telemarketing is annoying and ineffective.” Calls are often left unanswered and often leaves people agitated.


Email Marketing


Email Marketing is using Email to send a promotion or message about a franchise to a list of consumers. While it may be inexpensive and easy to track responses, it is often viewed as spam and irritates consumers leaving them to unsubscribe and trash your message.


Text(SMS) Marketing


Text Message Marketing sends text messages about a promotion or delivers advertisements through an SMS Aggregator. The benefits include the reason that most consumers bring their cellular device everywhere they go. However, like telemarketing and email marketing, it can be viewed as spam and annoys consumers because their inbox is filled with “junk mail.”


Handout Marketing


Handout marketing includes flyers, brochures, anything that you hand out to consumers. However, since you hand out your message to a broad audience, that could mean that maybe more than half of your audience is not interested in your franchise or isn’t applicable. Therefore, it is not targeted.


Social Media Marketing


Social Media marketing is using a social media platform such as; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and more to promote your business or give a shout out to your company. This can seem to be beneficial because of its popularity since most consumers have a social media account. However, it is often hard to be noticed and stand out.


Direct Selling


Direct selling includes a salesperson trying to persuade a person to buy their product by explaining its uses and such. It is based on building relationships and directly communicating with consumers. But, direct selling is time-consuming and inconvenient for consumers and business clients. Consumers and business clients are busy when sales reps are trying to sell.

The Bottom Line


The other forms of Direct Marketing may be inexpensive and offer some benefits, however, they are not targeted. They blend in with every other business advertisement trying to get noticed and they are tossed and referred to as spam or junk mail. How can your business stand out and not be referred to as junk mail?


Plastic Postcards


Plastic Postcards are cards that come in a variety of sizes and die cuts. They are similar to a credit card’s composite and are mailed to potential or returning customers. Plastic postcards are very versatile so they can be used for a variety of purposes. Plastic postcards can help your business skyrocket in customers and sales. Unlike the other forms of direct marketing, plastic postcards get you noticed. It stands out in every consumer’s mailbox. It’s 30 mils thick laminated gloss helps to attract attention to its message. It doesn’t come in an envelope so consumers notice it right away. No tears, no folds, it does not get damaged when mailing. With plastic postcards, you can target the audience you want to sell to. You can narrow down an audience by viewing different demographics from different neighborhoods. This separates you from “junk mail” because what your business does or the message your conveying is relevant and applicable to the consumer. With plastic postcards, you get more cost per sale and isn’t that what really matters?

Valcards will help you if you’re a business owner who wants their business to stand out and get noticed. Contact us today at (760) 514-8746.

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