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Plastic Postcard Mailers

Powerful Direct Mail Campaigns

Many of our clients see Explosive Redemption Rates! We have well documented success rates from 7%, all the way to a 45% Redemption Rate! The Potential for profits is here and we can dramatically improve campaign ROI.

Our Plastic Postcard Direct Mail Campaigns stand out among any other mail piece people receive and are quickly redeemed by the consumer. Stand out from the competition and conquer your competition with great offers!

Track & Analyze

Our Plastic Postcard Mailers have the ability to track and record all customer data in a personalized CRM!

Get Noticed

No other mailer will get the attention of this High Gloss 3-D Plastic Postcard Mailer!

High Response Rate

Our Plastic Postcard Mailer will get you 4-6 times the response rate of any other mailer in the market!

Premium Support

Our team of experts will give you 24/7 professional support and quality service

Affordable Plastic Postcard Mailers

Our Plastic Postcard Mailers stand out among other items in a customers mailbox. These laminated postcards add the perfect element to your marketing mix, proven to increase customer response rates and generate an impressive return on investment.

Since our company was founded, ValCards has grown and perfected the Plastic Postcard. We produce very affordable and high quality plastic postcard mailers. Large companies, even small chains and individual operators trust us and use our products. We are a market leader in printed plastic Gift Cards, Loyalty/Reward Cards and Plastic Direct Mail Postcards. We deliver cards that work and deliver results! The Direct Mail business has grown exponentially and the Plastic Postcard Mailer is the reason why!

Plastic Postcard Direct Mailers

Plastic Postcard Direct Mail Campaigns are by far the most impressive mailer you can send out for any Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns. We work with the best industry to help you get the best results on any Direct Mail Marketing Campaign! Get in touch with us today to help generate new business for your company today!

Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Our Plastic Postcard Mailers are strong, thick and are more like gift cards than paper coupons. Prospects are less likely to throw out a Free Gift Card! Many more people will value them, and actually use them, without feeling like they’re being cheap. Our cards’ durability also means they won’t become a crumpled mess and get thrown out; people will hold on to them. There is also no envelope so they are instantly read!

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    We are a One-Stop Print Manufacturer, Specializing in Plastic Postcard Direct Mail Marketing.

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