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Plastic Direct Mail Postcards

Imagine combining your plastic loyalty card or gift card program with an economical direct mail campaign. The benefits for combining the two mediums are finally realized! We have merged plastic cards and key tags with a postcard mailer and created a solution that is both affordable and effective in getting your company more business.

Applications For Custom Plastic Postcards:

  • New Customer, New Patient, New Members
  • Grand Opening!
  • Gift Cards
  • Fundraising
  • Traffic Building
  • Membership Cards
  • Store Discount Cards
  • Trade Show Handouts
  • Referral & Loyalty Cards
  • New promotions and Giveaways
  • And much, much more!

Plastic Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards have soared in popularity the past few years and they are more popular today than ever before. Utilize our new direct mail plastic card postcard to distribute plastic cards to your customers. Plastic cards simply pop-out of the post card and retain their inherent durability and resilience. These are the same plastic cards you would distribute by hand, but with added convenience of mailing them like a standard direct mail postcard.

Plastic Postcard Printing and Mailing

Get the highest response rates in direct mailing today!

This direct mailing postcard can be mailed through the US Postal Service and can contain a punch-out plastic card or plastic card and key tag combination.  This die cut postcard makes people take notice, stands out and is distinctive among the other direct mailings in the mailbag.  It’s full color design, personalized messages and thick, shiny .30 mil plastic laminate make them virtually impossible to overlook.

That means your message is nearly impossible to overlook, too!

Many businesses already utilize this terrific direct mailer for many uses, including:

  • plastic loyalty cards
  • insurance postcards
  • plastic membership cards
  • customer loyalty keytags
  • custom gift cards
  • VIP identification cards

We have five standard postcard sizes, they can be printed in full color on one or both sides, can include:

  • magnetic stripes (encoded or unencoded)
  • barcodes
  • consecutive numbering
  • variable data
  • variable images

Mailing and/or fulfillment services are available for your complete one-stop shopping experience.

MARKETS:  Service companies, Casinos, Retailers, Non-profit organization, Schools/Universities, Alumni associations, Hotels, Hospitals/Clinics, Restaurants, Spas, Manufacturers, Clubs, Automotive dealers, Insurance agencies, Real estate agents, Trade show companies And More..

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