Plastic Detachable Card Mailers

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Plastic Detachable Card Mailers

Plastic Postcard – Quick Specs

  • Custom Pricing For Plastic Postcard Printing
  • Photo Quality Printing – Both Sides
  • Durable 30 Mil Plastic Card Mailers
  • Variable Text and Numbering
  • Magnetic Stripe Offered On Our New Card Mailer
  • Custom Design Layouts
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Low Minimum Order
  • 10 Day Turnaround
  • 300 OE Density is Standard When Choosing a Magnetic Strip Option
  • Other OE Density Options Available Upon Request

Plastic Postcards –Interactive, Affordable, High Response Marketing Mailers

The plastic postcard is the new standard in direct mail marketing. No other marketing piece provides you with such great response rates at such low costs. In fact, using a plastic postcard in lieu of traditional envelope, letter and inserted plastic card can cut you costs by half – or more. Here’s how. The plastic post card combines your message and your plastic card into a single piece –easily and affordably – personalized and printed in photo color. You save on envelopes, letter and plastic card printing. You eliminate the costs associated with matching cards, letters and envelopes and stuffing them into the outgoing piece.

If you’re interested in the plastic postcard printing process, please get an instant online price right now or call customer service for “live” pricing and any questions you might have. You’ll see that we have a fast turnaround, great service and quality printing value you’ve been looking for. If you need custom sizes or shapes, we’re ready to help you get started right now.

If you’re new to the plastic postcard phenomenon, we are ready to help. Working online or with customer service, you’ll find the plastic postcard information and pricing you need, instantly. Free samples and loads of experienced representatives are just an e-mail or toll free call away. When you’re ready to order, we offer 5 standard plastic postcard sizes (and free design templates and samples of each), photo quality printing on one or both sides of your plastic postcard, optional magnetic stripes (with or without encoding) on our 4 x 5.5” vertical card mailer, and variable imaging for adding personalization and barcodes or numbers. We do all of this in just 10 business days; faster, if you need it. Pump up your response rate with an affordable, interactive plastic postcard mailing program, today.

Plastic Postcards Applications

Here is a list of popular applications for plastic postcard mailings. Many more plastic postcard examples and free samples are available when you contact us.

  • VIP Invitations
  • Insurance Cards
  • Retail Gift Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Direct Response Mailers
  • New Product Promotions
  • Plastic Mailers For Magazines
  • Retail Discount and Loyalty Cards
  • Event Discounts and Name Badges
  • Many more ideas and free samples available from us

Plastic Postcards Printing Resources

Customer service is available via instant chat, e-mail or toll free call. We suggest you start your plastic postcard project with them. We also offer these plastic postcard resources.

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