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ValCards is a direct mail marketing service and advertising company that has been helping clients with all facets of their direct mail campaigns for years. Our mission is to help clients grow their revenue with direct mail. We guide you through each step from conception to delivery into the mail stream. We make it easy for clients as we are an end-to-end solution offering the design of your mail piece, the printing, addressing, sorting and delivering to the USPS; each step is supervised by your project manager. One vendor, one invoice and a significant savings to your marketing budget are great reasons to choose ValCards as your all-inclusive partner offering direct mail services.

  • Lowest Postage Guaranteed
  • Postal Regulations Experts
  • Quick Turn Around Time – FAST Delivery

Direct Mail Marketing

The great thing about doing business with ValCards is you don’t have to go to 6 different places to get your job out. We are a turn key company meaning we can process your entire job “in house”. Waiting for an outside vendor to get their part done is no longer an issue. We will make sure your direct mail marketing campaign hits the Post Office on time and with out delay.

ValCards can help you create a winning direct mail campaign. Take a look around and give us a call with any questions. Our direct mail marketing strategists are standing by and ready to show you how to bring in new customers and increase sales.

Direct Mail Service

You need a direct mail service that does it all! We print it, cut it, fold it, address it, lick it, stick it and mail it, all under one roof! Don’t spend your valuable time working with and coordinating between a print provider and a separate mailing house, call ValCards and let us manage your bulk mail projects. Not only will you save time and hassles, we can usually save you money as well.

Our mailing department managers have over 60 years of combined experience in the direct mail industry. They are all cross trained on our equipment that will cut, fold, perf, address, insert and sort your direct mail piece. We can acquire targeted mailing list for your mass mailing project, modeling your ideal customer. Our data processing manager is a walking DMM (postal regulation manual) and is available to you to answer questions and explain the continually changing Postal rules and regulations. Our capabilities allow us to print & mail everything from simple postcards, self mailers, catalogs, magazines, and variable data letters to more complex documents printed with variable data and images both front and back. We are comfortable with projects from a few thousand into the millions. U.S. Mailing House is your end-to-end direct mail solution, working with us, you will save you time, hassles and money.

Mail House Services:

Mail House services are not the most exciting topic by a long shot, but increasing your response rates and saving money on direct mail services and postage are. The purpose of listing our direct mail machines and equipment is so you can visualize and understand the types of direct mail services that we can provide you. Sometimes, just by browsing through our services a light bulb might go off in your head and you realize that you could be doing something a different way, something you are doing manually could be done on a machine. Other times you get a whole new idea of how do things in a more efficient and cost effective manner. You might even get some ideas on how to increase your direct mail response.

All of the services listed below has the potential to reduce your direct mail costs and increase your return on investment by adding value to your direct mail piece. Take a quick look at the following services and let us know if we can be of  help:


  • Direct Mail Inkjet Addressing
  • Envelope Stuffing by Machine
  • Machine Post-it Note Application
  • Direct Mail Glue Dots | Bugger Glue Application
  • Laser Printing (Production Mail Merge)
  • Machine Folding
  • Machine Stamp Application
  • Polly Bags | Mail Bagging
  • Manual Direct Mail Work
  • Perforating and Scoring | Creasing Thick Materials
  • Direct Mail Bindery | Collating
  • We do it all – if it has to do with direct mail, chances are we can handle it.ValCards is a Direct Mail Company specializing in direct mail design, direct mail printing, mailing list, response tracking and bulk mail preparation providing customers with exceptional service and rapid turn-around-times on direct mail marketing projects over the past 19 years. Our clients really love the one-stop-shop capability we offer and our attention to all the details. Weather you are a seasoned professional or brand new to direct mail, we can help.ValCards specializes in high speed turn-around-times for direct mail projects of all types. Everything is done under one roof so we have complete control over your entire job. No more waiting for the envelopes, letterhead, mailing list or postcards to arrive from the printer, we print them here!

    Understanding Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

    Description: An introduction to the USPS® Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) discount program.               

    Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a direct mail service offered by USPS®.  With EDDM,  you select neighborhoods (carrier routes) in which you would like a saturation mailing, and USPS delivers the mailpieces to every address or delivery point within the selected routes. EDDM mailpieces do not include a mailing address or recipient name; for EDDM, no address information is printed on the mailing.  Mailers prepare the mailing and drop it off at the designated post office to initiate delivery.

    There are two options for using EDDM. 

    • Retail EDDM: You may choose to mail at your local Post Office® if you use Retail EDDM.  This option does not require a mailing permit.  Mailpieces are limited to Standard Mail® flats, and the mailing rate discount is less than the BMEU option.  Additionally, there is a 5,000 piece maximum for mail entered at each retail facility.
    • BMEU EDDM: You may choose to mail from a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). This option requires a mailing permit.  Mailpieces are limited to Standard Mail® flats, irregular parcels, periodicals and bound printed matter flats, but there is no maximum.  This option provides a deeper discount on your mailing rate.

    Considerations for Using EDDM

    The benefits of EDDM for mailers include discounted postal rates and not needing to rent or buy a mailing list. In addition, if you choose to mail from your local Post Office® retail location, you will not need a mailing permit. However, there are other considerations, and some mailers may find that a targeted mailing provides better value.  Among the considerations:

    Reaching your target audience

    Ensuring that you are communicating with your intended audience is an important consideration when preparing direct mail.  If your target audience is everyone is a given neighborhood, then EDDM may be a good option. However, if your mailing is intended for specific audiences, you may find that preparing a targeted mailing is more effective.

    If you do use EDDM, it is important to research demographics for your product and for your candidate delivery areas, to be sure that your mailing is reaching the audience most likely to find value in your product or service.

    Defining the delivery area

    You must define the delivery area for an EDDM mailing.  This means choosing one or more ZIP Codes and carrier routes. 

    Identifying your mailpiece type

    There are restrictions on the types of mailpieces that can be sent via EDDM, and Retail EDDM is limited to flats only. 

    Considering customer response to your mailing

    Mailpieces sent with EDDM don’t include name or address information.  Eliminating the address may make the mail piece look to the recipient like unwanted advertising.

    Preparing the mailing

    Sending mail via EDDM does require preparation.  Steps include:

    Define the delivery area

    • Go to the EDDM Web site to research and select the routes.

    Confirm delivery costs

    • The EDDM Web site will provide you with cost information for your mailing.

    Print the mailpieces

    • Print your mailpieces, including the specialized address information and payment indicia recommended by USPS for Every Door Direct Mail.

    Bundle the mail

    • Your mailpieces will need to be bundled by carrier route.

    Submit the paperwork

    • When you create an EDDM mailing online, the USPS site will generate the paperwork that you need in order to submit your mailing.

    Drop the mailpieces for delivery

    • To initiate delivery, you will need to drop off your mailing at the designated Post Office® location.

    Alternatives to EDDM

    Using mailing software such as Bulk Mailer allows you to create a targeted mailing at discount rates that may rival the rates available via Every Door Direct Mail.  The value of your investment will depend what you decide about the considerations for selecting EDDM.

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