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Loyalty Card Mailers

A Loyalty Card Mailer can significantly increase your sales. Most loyalty card issuers confirm that the footfall and redemption rates soar whenever they send out a loyalty card mailer. A mailer at the right time help in growing a bigger membership base since it can persuade the card holders to become actively involved, you can also target your best customers using your loyalty card database to target the most profitable customers and making yourself visible to them.

A loyalty card mailer should accurately reflect your organization’s brand and it is a process not a event. The key to the success of loyalty card mailers is to get your customers attention and then have them act on the offer nothing works better than a loyalty card mailer created with a thorough research and thought where you have identified your target customers. Loyalty card mailers are target able so segmenting your target list to get you the maximum response rate from the right kind of customers is cost effective You cannot send a mass mailer to your best customers, customers hate junk mail in all forms and kinds so making sure the advertisements / mailers are personalized by directly addressing each person on the mailing list is very important, the mail campaign has to coordinate you have to target the customer at the right time for example you cannot send a loyalty card mailer campaign offering woolens in summer, your customers are intelligent and such a mistake can prove very costly losing you the hardearned loyalty. Mailers offer you flexibility you can mail brochures, self-mailers, inserts, desk calendars which all act as alternatives to the traditional letter but you have to make sure it is personalized. These mailers itself are called by different names card mailers, direct mail cards, self-mailers, plastic card mailers, direct card mailers etc. Tracking the response rate for each loyalty card mailer that you send is equally important. The next time you send a mailer to your customers you know what has worked in the past and what has not. A thank you letters and expressions of appreciation for those customers who have responded to a loyalty card mailer can be a neat touch and gets you loyalty.

ValCards is a loyalty card that has been integrated into a postcard. It is printed on premium card stock, laminated and die-cut creating a thick, durable plastic card that remains firmly in place until the recipient punches it out of the postcard. ValCards Mailers can be made to spec as gift cards, reward cards, discount cards, membership cards and even as plastic key tags. They match PVC for durability and provide a cleaner background for printing.                            

ValCards Mailers are a great way to significantly increase response on your next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. They can be completely customized to include logos, names, addresses, numbering, barcodes, pictures and other text. Because the loyalty card is integrated into the postcard you can eliminate the expense and hassle of using envelopes and save on postage cost.

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