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Is Direct Mail dead in 2019? Not with Plastic Postcard Mailers!



Is Direct Mail dead in 2019? It’s far from it, actually. Direct Mailers are thriving more than ever, especially plastic postcards. “House lists boast a 9% response rate on average, while prospect lists receive an average response rate of 5%. That’s a 173% increase since 2006 for house lists and a 194% increase since 2006 for prospect lists” -MailShark. Direct mail is increasing ROI rates, while digital marketing only offers 1% back in ROI. Direct mail plastic postcards attract new, loyal, and returning customers. Direct mail plastic postcards are memorable, responsive, genuine, and are extremely targeted.



USPS found in a recent study that our brains are more receptive to printed mail marketing by 20%. Customers respond well to things they can touch and feel. It has been proven that a physical copy of a message will stand out to a person rather than a pop-up ad on their screen. Plastic postcards leave great first impressions on their recipients. The professional and creative marketing piece is like a magnet to consumers. It is simply impossible to ignore something that is in your hands. ValCards’ plastic postcards allow businesses to make a great impression on consumers and become a returning customer.



Forbes states, “…the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) analyzed Bizo and Epsilon data and found that direct mail achieves a 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for email. Overall, the DMA found that direct mail’s response rates are actually anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital.” The article went on to say that consumers don’t respond well to cluttered mail, such as email and spam mail. Direct mail plastic postcards come envelope free with your message fully visible. The myth that digital marketing killed direct mail does not exist. Direct mail plastic postcards have always worked, and now better than ever. Plastic postcards seek more results and ROI than any other digital marketing source could offer.



The UK Royal Mail’s study found that direct mailing pieces left receivers impressed and valued. Consumers who receive a real and personal plastic postcard in the mail, they feel valued. Therefore, they are more respondent compared to an unthoughtful email that ends up in the trash. It is proven that 57% of people feel valued when they receive mail. People want to feel real and cared for. A great tool that ValCards offers is personalization. Using variable data, you can print each homeowners name on your plastic postcards. For example, Wally walks over to his mailbox to see what he has received. He noticed a glossy, professional, and credit-card like material in his hands. He stumbles upon a plastic postcard with the greetings, “Happy Holidays Wally! Enjoy this 50% coupon at John’s Steakhouse.” Wally feels appreciated and impressed. This company wishes him a great holiday season and is giving him a great deal. Wally pops out the savings card and puts it in his wallet. The way that Wally feels is the way that thousands have felt due to this effective technology. ValCards plastic postcards deliver great response rates and life-long customers. Whether you’re a small business or own several locations, ValCards can help you reach new limits.


Extremely Targeted

Using ValCards technology, you can find your audience. Unlike, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), you can personalize and target your ideal customers. ValCards search engine allows you to filter through age range, income level, hobbies, family or marital status, etc. It is so crucial for any business owner to know their ideal customer. That way they know that no money is going to waste and that every mailing piece will give a return on investment. You can find your ideal customers using ValCards’ targeted technology.

Direct mail plastic postcards are memorable, responsive, genuine, and are extremely targeted. ValCards’ direct mail plastic postcards generate buzz, excitement, and huge ROI rates. Direct mail is far from dead, especially with plastic postcards. Plastic postcards are the future and the ideal marketing strategy for any marketing campaign. ValCards has helped thousands of businesses or franchise owners from all over experience truly rewarding results.


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