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How To Make Your Business Stand Out With Plastic Postcards


There are a reported 27.9 million businesses in the United States. So it can be very challenging to stand out, especially if you are a small business owner in a small town. However, if you follow these simple direct mail plastic postcard tips, your business will stand out from the crowd.





Gift Card Pop Outs


Gift Card Pop Outs can add a nice touch to your mail piece. It can lead others to choose to go to your business over your competition. For example, let’s say that John has a flat tire. There are two tire repair companies that he can call that are both 15 minutes away. However, John looks in his wallet and remembers he has a 50% off tire repair coupon for Company A. John decides to call Company A over Company B because he got a good deal. He had something to remind himself of that company.


Variable Data


Variable data is a great addition to add to your plastic postcard. Customers love when you send them a personalized message with their name on it. This makes them feel special and they will want to keep coming back. If your company has a loyalty program, it would be a nice surprise to send to your loyal customer. Such as a plastic postcard that read, “Happy Summer Amy. Enjoy 50% off all sunglasses this June.”




Adding useful features like QR codes, barcodes, and magnetic strips can really add a nice touch to your card. Adding new uses to your card like simply adding a QR code could help consumers to reach your website instantly.






Having colors that pop will help you and your business stand out. “When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later” according to HubSpot. Fun and vibrant colors draw attention and attraction to your mailing piece. However, too much color can cause a headache and distract from the real message. So keep it simple but unique. Business 2 Community shares that “red is the color of power” and grabs people’s attention.




Adding new textures to your postcard can help your consumer to separate your mail from the rest. You can try glosses, matte finishes, bumps, 3D effect, embossing, and more. Textures are quickly noticed and make your postcard dramatic. Your piece feels expensive, way too special to not keep. People notice things quickly just by the touch of a finger.




Adding a new shape to your plastic postcard can really make it unique. You can get creative. For example, if your logo had a certain shape you can make that the shape of your postcard. These unique shapes will help your card get noticed out of the rectangle pile.


Writing Tips


Be Clear


The average human attention span is decreasing rapidly. No one wants to sit and read a whole paragraph about something that they weren’t even expecting to receive in the mail. Microsoft’s study proved that the human’s average attention span is 8 seconds. That means you only have 8 seconds to make an impression on your consumers. Having a nice clear short message will help your receiver understand the point you’re trying to make.

Be Different


Don’t follow the trend. People don’t like hearing the same thing five thousand times. Customers gain interest in something special or different. Try new colors, themes, and styles of writing. You could also create or use your company slogan. A catchy phrase or a clever saying can really add a nice touch to your plastic postcard.


Why ValCards is Different


These tips will not only help you be unique but will also increase your response rate significantly. ValCards offers all the options to help you stand out from the crowd. Options such as gift card pop outs, variable data, and links such as QR codes, barcodes, and mag strips. ValCards offers a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. If you want to stand out from the normal, boring crowd, then contact ValCards today at (760) 514-8746.

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