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How Plastic Postcards Can Help Retail Stores Target The Right Customers



When investing in Direct Mail Plastic Postcards, you want to make positive that you get the most ROI (return on investment) possible. So, why would you waste your mailing pieces by mailing to households who want nothing to do with what your selling? It doesn’t make sense. That’s why it is critical that you mail to those who will accept your mailing message and use your gift cards and you will in return gain potential life-long customers. Here are 5 areas in which you can filter through to target your retail customer audience:



Depending on your company, age can really be a make or break. If you are a franchise that appeals and caters to ages 15-20 then you wouldn’t want to mail to consumers that would toss your plastic postcard simply due to the age range. Vice versa, if your a clothing store that is designed for older men or women, then you would want to mail to those consumers. Another thing to think about, in regard to age, is the kind of sales and gift cards you send. It could be possible that you are a kids boutique. Let’s say it is September, so that means back to school. How can you stand out from every other clothing store that sells to kids? By offering a great deal that saves consumers money and brings you customers. To be sure that everyone your mailing to will use your back to school coupon, ensure you are selling to homeowners with children in your age range.



Another depending factor on the success of your plastic postcard is income levels. Some homeowners like to spend their money on clothing whereas others may save their money and are not very interested in shopping or savings that have to do with that. Maybe your brand supplies to more expensive or higher branding. So, you would want to mail your postcards to those who are attracted to higher-end clothing. But, maybe you are a clothing company that wants to supply to a wider audience. Maybe to those on a budget or those with families and children. For example, you are a retail store designed for a larger scale audience and you price things more affordable for families. So, you can offer deals for men, women, and children, “50% off all men’s summer clothing, buy one get one free on selected women’s shoes, under $20 on all kids brands.” Your deals and saving sales can really differ depending on the income and is something that you can change for your different mailing locations or what kind of business you are.



It may be that you are a clothing store or boutique that specifies to feminine clothing or masculine clothing. It wouldn’t make sense to mail to homes who contradict with what you sell. That’s why it is crucial that you specify who your mailing to with what you are selling.



Perhaps your clothing has to do with working out or a certain sport. You can filter through homes’ demographics to see if customers play a sport, work out consistently, etc. Maybe you design special footwear for fishing or construction. Or you sell clothing for soccer players or gymnasts. Whoever you supply or cater to, you can be extremely specific so you ensure you sell to the right people. Don’t waste your plastic postcards on those who do not withhold interest.



Another important way to target your retailing audience is how far away your company is from those whom you mail to. It is proven that those who live close to your store locations will visit more often than others who live 40 minutes away. It is often recommended to mail to homeowners who are at least 10 miles away if you really want to see results and gain loyal returning customers. And think about it, would you visit a store frequently if it was 40 or more minutes away? Most likely, no, not most people are willing to make the drive because it takes time and time costs money. So save your customers money for gas, and save yourself from wasting potential profits on far away customers.


Stop wasting your well designed and brilliantly thought out plastic postcards by mailing to those who have no interest or concern. Start targeting your retail mailing list today.

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