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How Plastic Postcards Can Help Automotive Businesses



It is extremely crucial that your automotive business stands out and attracts attention to lead traffic to your company. With thousands and thousands of other businesses, it can be difficult to be noticed. However, with direct mail plastic postcards, you and your automotive business will

Extremely Targeted

Your plastic postcard campaign can be extremely targeted. Filtering through income levels, a number of vehicles, and car brands. You can know what homes spend the most money on cars, what cars they like, and how much they are willing to spend. You can completely customize your plastic postcard and your promotion specials according to different households. Let’s say you only specialize in Mercedes vehicles or Subaru repairs. You would want to send your plastic postcards with a picture of a Mercedes vehicle or Subaru. The special can cater to that specific brand. You could also consider what kind of car homes in an area have, what state of being they are in, what repairs are needed, any damages, and how many people live in the household which determines how many seats are needed. If you are an automotive repair company then you could mail to homes that need repair work on their vehicles. Or your company can send gift card pop outs to your customers depending on how much they usually spend on the care of their cars. As a business owner who is considering plastic postcards, they should also take into consideration what location/locations your stores are in. This can be a huge factor in terms of mailing to homeowners nearby of your store. For example, let’s say Sarah receives a plastic postcard in the mail. It’s a buy a wash get one free deal and she can’t wait to use it. There’s only one problem, this car wash is an hour away. Sarah doesn’t want to drive an hour just for a car wash. She then tosses a well-designed postcard in the trash. Not creating a targeted mailing list is a deal breaker. However, having a targeted mailing list will help your plastic postcard have a real fighting chance at bringing potential leads to your store doors.


Tips for Automotive Company Plastic Postcards


Grab People’s Attention

If you want attention, then put yourself out there! Stand out from every other automotive company. Find what makes your business different and unique and then use that as your creativity when creating your plastic postcard. Think of catchy phrases, company mascots, slogans, colors, etc. Consumers will gravitate towards bright colors, easy to read text, and simple yet unique mailing pieces. Once you’ve grabbed your customer’s attention, keep it! Designing a well-created, unique plastic postcard with a brief informative message causes homeowners to separate your mail piece from the rest.

Keep their Attention (Loyalty Program)

You can offer incentives to your current customer base. Offer specials to your loyal customers and set up a rewards plan. That way your loyal customers stay loyal and return.


Offer a promotion or gift card

Another way to stand out would be to include a gift card. People love savings! According to Valassis, “53% of consumers indicated they invest over two hours a week looking for deals and savings across all sources.” Offering promotions and savings can really increase your ROI and

increase your customers.

Things to add to your auto plastic postcard


Key Tags

Key tags are a great way to make use of your promotional piece. It’s something consumer’s can put on their keychain that will be a little reminder of your company and coupon.


BarCodes, Mag Strips, & QR Codes

Adding barcodes, magnetic strips, or QR codes can be an effective way to bring your consumers to your website instantaneously or set up a loyalty/rewards program.


It Works

“Baker Road Service wanted to attract more customers from their local community. They knew they needed to invest in marketing, but weren’t sure which marketing tool was best for them” according to Postcardmania. After researching, they decided to start their plastic postcard campaign. They have now mailed 18,000 postcards and have generated $28,000 in revenue. Plastic postcards work. If you want great results and a rewarding investment, call ValCards right now at (760) 514-8746.

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