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How Plastic Postcards Benefit Furniture Stores



Plastic Postcards Benefits


Plastic postcards are the epitome of direct mail. With intelligent data, ValCards identifies what your current customer profile is through their proprietary look-alike data software. First, a new pinpointed targeted mailing list is created that will only include your ideal customer demographic. Direct mail plastic postcards create a great first impression for your business. Unlike a flimsy piece of paper, plastic postcards outshine any other mailer. Its credit card thick, high gloss, shiny, full color will help you and your business to stand out in the clutter in the mailbox. By using variable data, each mailer will be individualized with consumer’s names directly on the piece. Which means your customers will respond much more with the mailer speaking directly to them. You will drive more customers with a personalized discount offer on the pop-out card because you are giving them a very strong incentive.




Plastic postcards can be so targeted for your furniture store business. You can narrow your mailing down to age, income level, family size, gender, how long the customer has lived in the area, etc. You can really filter through all the demographic needed to find your ideal customer for your ideal mailing list. A targeted mailing list allows your business to have a real fighting chance out there. Your mailing piece has a high chance of being kept and put into use unlike all the junk mail out there. It’s irrelevant and unappealing to consumers. However, when you target your company’s mailing list, your ROI is significantly increased.


New Movers Mailing Campaign


A new movers campaign is ideal for a furniture franchise or company. This is when customers need you the most. New movers are brand new to the area. They left their old home behind and are starting a fresh, new life in the radius of your store doors. They most likely left some furniture behind or all of it. Or perhaps, they simply just want a fresh, new, modern home designed by them. Being the first to reach out to them is so importantly crucial for your business. Catch the new homeowners attention before your competition does!



It is so important to mail at least 5 to 10 miles away from your store locations. It wouldn’t make sense to waste your perfectly creative, well-designed plastic postcard on a mailing list that won’t give you a return on your investment. It would be so heart aching to hear that a consumer receives your plastic postcard in the mail and is thrilled and can’t wait to go check your store location out. However, only to shortly find out that the soon-to-be customer looks up your store location that happens to be 20 to 30 miles away from that homeowner’s address. The hard part was done, but all hope can be lost just simply by the radius in which you mail in.




The design for any business is significant, however, for a furniture store, it’s everything. How are people supposed to get an eye for what you sell, what styles you offer if they don’t see a visual telling them? Give a little taste of what your store has to offer by including pictures and text telling all that you have what they want. Maybe, you have a certain piece or style of furniture that is on sale or is low on stock. If this were the case, you’d want to use words like “limited”, “selling out fast”, or “hurry before the sale runs out.” Another great feature to consider is variable data. The idea of personalizing your customer’s names to your advertising piece is so special and effective. The homeowners that receive your plastic postcard cannot throw away something that has their name on it. It’s special to them because they feel apart of your company. They feel that you are speaking directly to them which makes your advertising campaign effective. These are smart and creative techniques to use as an incentive to get that homeowner to your store as soon as possible.

ValCards delivers customers and real results. First, they identify your ideal customer, make a great first impression, send a personalized message, and start a recurring program.

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