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Improve Your own ROI Along with Plastic Postcard Mailers

Barcode Tracking

By adding a unique barcode to each individual card mailer, not only are we able to measure your direct mail efforts, we can provide you with further data and measurement for use in your future direct mail campaigns.

How it Works

Embedded in each barcode are demographics specific to the recipient. After the card is redeemed by the customer, a standard barcode scanner is used to scan the barcode. ValCards uses this data to create you a customized Prospect Profile.

Demographics such as the age, gender, and income of the individuals who redeemed your card mailer are included in this report, which is given to you at the conclusion of your mailing.  Using this data, ValCards then creates a new mailing list for your next campaign.  Either mail to those who already redeemed the piece and see your redemption rates explode, or suppress the list and only mail to strictly new customers.  This will significantly enhance the ROI of all your future mailings!

Profile Your Prospects

We can tell you the following demographics about the customers that redeem your piece:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Households with Children
  • Address Type Indicator
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Household income
  • Marital status
  • Zip code
  • Length of Residence

Features & Benefits:

  • Measure the success of your direct mail efforts by tracking your redemption rates
  • Grow sales by basing your marketing strategies on facts instead of guesses
  • Increase your customer base by “cloning” the customers you already have
  • Save money by only mailing to customers who fit your Prospect Profile
  • Only reach new customers by suppressing the names and addresses of the customers who redeem your piece
  • Boost sales during “slow” periods by mailing to your existing customer base

Magnetic Stripe Tracking

ValCards Magnetic Stripe technology allows you to track redemptions and profile your customers using your existing POS system. Don’t have a POS system? No problem. We work closely with POS providers to help get your company up and running.

How it Works

A Magnetic Stripe is a small strip of magnetic tape that is embedded on to a plastic card mailer and is encoded with data. Using a card reading devise, your point of sale system will recognize the card mailer’s unique serial number. Your POS system will automatically add your offer to the purchase, as well as store information regarding the customer such as their age, income, and gender.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) refers to making each plastic postcard unique with variable texts  without stopping or slowing down the printing process. This is done by linking information from an external database that holds the variable data to the digital document that makes the print. The printing data for each card is switched in real-time while our high-speed digital press is making each impression. This can make possible a broad range of  direct marketing opportunities.

That is why Variable Data Printing is extremely useful in producing  direct marketing pieces and engaging in direct advertising campaigns. Anywhere on the printed plastic card an individual  name or customer information can be displayed  thus personalizing the message directly to the customer receiving the mailing.     Imagine being able to create a mass plastic card mailer personalized for each customer. It is now possible with Variable Data Printing.    

Phone Tracking

There’s no smarter way to prove marketing ROI on direct mail campaigns than by using a call tracking number in your direct response advertising.

By assigning a different tracking number to each mailer, identify exactly which campaigns produce the direct mail marketing results you want. Use the call data to refine your direct mail campaigns and optimize marketing ROI.

Call Tracking

Convert more leads into sales by focusing on those that get better direct advertising response rates. Use this data to refine advertising campaigns and know what appeals to your audience.

Choose from a huge selection of 800 numbers, or appeal locally by selecting a local tracking number for your direct response advertising.

With smarter call tracking for direct mail, you can score the calls with a custom scorecard and set up goals around each campaign to measure and improve marketing ROI and sales performance along the lead cycle from the mailer to the way phone agents handle the call.

You have complete flexibility and control over your tracking number configuration: set preferences for tracking numbers, user groups, and advanced call routing options.


Below is a listing of our most popular data selection
options available to help you reach your best prospects.

Household Selects

– Adult Single Parent with Child(ren)
– Adult Age Ranges Present in Household
– Age 2 Year Increments
– Age Head of Household
– Business Owner in the Household
– Children’s Age 1 Year Increments
– Children’s Age Ranges Present in Household
– Consumer Prominence Indicator
– Education – 1st Individual (H of HH)
– Household Size
– Household Status Indicator
– Marital Status
– Number of Adults
– Number of Children
– Number of Generations in HH
– Occupation of 1st Individual
– Presence of Children
– Senior Adult Present
– SOHO Indicator Telephone Number
– Veteran in the Household
– Voter/Party – 1st Individual
– Working Woman

Homeowner Selects
– Available Equity Range
– Available Home Equity Range
– Congressional District
– Dwelling Size
– Home Market Value
– Home Square Feet
– Homeowner/Renter
– Lender Code
– Lender Type
– Length of Residence
– Loan Amount Range 1
– Loan Date
– Loan to Value Range
– Median Home Value Owner Occp’d (Hundreds)
– Owner Type Detail
– Presence Pool
– Property Type
– Property Type Detail
– Purchase Amount Range
– Purchase Date of Home
– Purchase Year of Home
– Real Estate Investment
– Year Home Built

Individual Selects
– Date of Birth (MMYYYY)
– Education
– Country of Origin
– Ethnic Code (Country)
– Ethnic Roll Up Code
– Language Preference Code
– Religion Code
– Ethnicity
– Voter/Party

Interest Selects
– Arts
– Auto Work/Mechanics
– Aviation
– Beauty and Cosmetics
– Boat Owner
– Broader Living
– Career
– Career Improvement
– Celebrities
– Children’s Interests – Interest
– Christian Families
– Collectables – Antiques
– Collectables – Arts
– Collectables – Coins
– Collectables – General
– Collectables – Sports Memorabilia
– Collectables – Stamps
– Collectables and Antiques Grp
– Collector – Avid
– Common Living
– Community/Charities- Cooking – General
– Cooking – Gourmet
– Cooking – Low Fat
– Cooking/Food Grouping
– Crafts
– Cultural/Artistic Living
– Current Affairs/Politics
– Dieting/Weight Loss
– Education Online
– Electronics – Consumer Electronics
– Electronics/Computers Grouping
– Environmental Issues
– Exercise – Aerobic/Cardiovascular
– Exercise – Running/Jogging
– Exercise – Walking
– Exercise/Health Grouping
– Fashion
– Food – Vegetarian
– Food – Wines
– Foods – Natural
– Games – Board Games/Puzzles
– Games – PC Game Player
– Games – Video Game Console
– Gaming – Casino
– Gaming – Lottery
– Gardening
– Grandchildren
– Health/Medical – General
– Highbrow
– High Tech Living
– History/Military
– Home Furnishings/Decorating
– Home Improvement
– Home Improvement Do It Yourself
– Home Improvement Grouping
– Home Living
– House Plants
– Investing/Finance Grouping
– Investments – Foreign
– Investments – Personal
– Investments – Real Estate
– Investments – Stocks/Bonds
– Money Seekers
– Movie/Music Grouping
– Movie Collector
– Movie Player
– Music – Avid Listener
– Music – Home Stereo
– Music Collector
– Music Player
– Nascar
– Outdoor – Biking/Mountain Biking
– Outdoor – Boating/Sailing
– Outdoor – Camping/Hiking
– Outdoor – Fishing
– Outdoor – Hunting/Shooting
– Outdoor – Scuba Diving
– Outdoor – Water Sports
– Outdoors Grouping
– Parenting
– Participant – Equestrian
– Participant – Golf
– Participant – Motorcycling
– Participant – Snow Skiing
– Participant – Tennis
– PC
– Pets – Cats Owner
– Pets – Dog Owner
– Pets – Other
– Photography
– Professional Living
– Reading – Audio Books
– Reading – Financial Newsletter
– Subscribers
– Reading – General
– Reading – Magazines
– Reading – Religious/Inspirational
– Reading – Science Fiction
– Reading – Top Sellers
– Reading Grouping
– Recreational Vehicles
– Religious/Inspirational
– Science/Space
– Self Improvement
– Sewing/Knitting/Needlework
– Smoking/Tobacco
– Spectator – Baseball
– Spectator – Basketball
– Spectator – Football
– Spectator – Hockey
– Spectator – Racing – Auto/Motorcycle
– Spectator – Soccer
– Spectator – Tennis
– Spectator – TV Sports
– Sports Grouping
– Sporty Living
– Strange and Unusual
– Sweepstakes/Contests
– Theater/Performing Arts
– Travel – Cruise Vacations
– Travel – Family Vacations
– Travel – Foreign
– Travel – U.S.
– Travel Grouping
– TV Reception – Cable
– TV Reception – HDTV/Satellite/Dish
– TV Reception – Satellite Dish
– Upscale Living
– Wireless – Cellular Phone
– Woodworking

Buying Behavior Selects
– Apparel – Big & Tall
– Apparel – Children’s
– Apparel – Men’s
– Apparel – Women’s
– Apparel – Women’s – Petite
– Apparel – Women’s – Plus Sizes
– Arts & Antiques – Antiques
– Arts & Antiques – Art
– Automotive, Auto Parts & Accessories
– Books & Magazines
– Books & Music ­– Audio Books
– Books & Music – Books
– Children’s Apparel – Infants & Toddlers
– Children’s Learning & Activity Toys
– Children’s Products General Baby Care
– Children’s Products General Back To School
– Children’s Products – General
– Computing/Home Office – General
– Credit Card Indicator
– Credit Card Use – Issuer
– Credit Card User
– Donation/Contribution
– DVDs/Videos
– Electronics & Computing TV/Video/Movie Watcher
– Electronics, Computing & Home Office
– Financial Services
– Gambling – Behavior
– Gardening
– Health & Beauty
– High End Appliances
– Home & Garden
– Hunting
– Intend to Purchase – HDTV/Satellite Dish
– Intend to Purchase – Home Improvement
– Investments – Active – Behavior
– Jewelry
– Lifestyles, Interests & Passions Collectibles
– Lifestyles, Interests & Passions Crafts/Hobbies
– Luggage
– Magazines
– Mail Order Buyer
– Mail Order Donor
– Mail Responders
– Membership Clubs
– Method of Payment Count – Cash
– Method of Payment Count – CC
– Method of Payment Count – Retail Card
– Military Memorabilia/Weaponry
– Musical Instruments
– New Bank Card
– Number of Credit Lines
– Off Road Recreational Vehicles
– Online Purchasing Indicator
– Pets
– Photography & Video Equipment
– Presence of Bank Card
– Range of New Credit
– Retail Activity – Date of Last Activity
– Retail Purchase Categories
– Sports & Leisure
– Telecommunications
– Tickets
– Travel
– Value Priced General Merchandise
– Young Men’s Apparel
– Young Women’s Apparel

Auto Selects
– Dominate Vehicle Lifestyle
– Known Number of Vehicles
– Motorcycle
– New Car Buyer
– RV
– Vehicle Year (1st Vehicle)
– Vehicle Year (2nd Vehicle)
– Vehicle/Auto – New/Used Indicator (1st Vehicle)
– Vehicle/Auto – New/Used Indicator (2nd Vehicle)

Health Related Selects
– Health – Allergy Related
– Health – Arthritis/Mobility
– Health – Cholesterol Focus
– Health – Diabetic
– Health – Disabled Individual in Household
– Health – Homeopathic
– Health – Organic Focus
– Health – Orthopedic
– Health – Senior Needs

High Tech Selects
– High Tech – PC Owner
– High Tech – Software Buyer
– High Tech – Operating System
– Internet Connection Type
– PC DSL/High Speed
– Wireless Product Buyer

Market Segmentation Selects
– Tapestry Cluster

Travel Selects
– Vacation – International – Have Taken/Would Enjoy
– Vacation – RV
– Vacation – USA – Have Taken/Would Enjoy

Wealth Indicator Selects

– Claritas IPA
– Community Reinvestment Act
– Discretionary Spending Index
– Economic Stability Indicator
– Estimated Income
– Heavy Transactor
– Highly Likely Investors
– Likely Investors
– Insurance – Own Life Insurance Policy
– Median Household Income (Hundreds)
– Net Worth

Life Event Selects
– Adult – College Graduate
– Adult – Empty Nester
– Adult – Expectant Parent
– Intend to Purchase – Vehicle
– Life Event – Child Nearing High School Graduation
– Life Event – New Parent
– Life Event – Recent Home Buyer
– Life Event – Recent Mortgage Borrower
– Marital – Divorced
– Marital – Newlyweds

Specialty Selects
– Accountants/CPAs
– Ailments
– Bankruptcies
– Boat/Yacht Owners
– Brides-to-be
– Canadian Businesses
– Canadian Consumers
– Churches
– Clubs & Organizations
– Colleges & Universities
– Cosmetologists
– Educators
– Expectant Mothers
– Financial Analysts
– Fortune 1000 Companies
– Home School Households
– Hospitals
– Insurance Agents
– Lawyers/Attorneys
– Medical Specialists
– New Businesses
– New Parents
– Newlyweds
– Non-Profit Organizations
– Nurses
– Nutritionists
– Occupational Therapists
– Pharmacists
– Pilots
– Pre-Movers
– Professors
– Psychologists
– Real Estate Agents
– Real Property Mortgage
– Schools
– Social Workers
– Teachers
– Timeshare Owners
– Veterinarians
– Voters


Numerous businesses are becoming frustrated regarding obtaining new customers. With this economy, looking to get new business within the door is quite a challenge. Along with email marketing within full force, numerous companies think that having a excellent email campaign that they’ll obtain customers without having spending the actual money to complete the traditional mailing campaign. This particular strategy works for many businesses, however for other people email marketing, for any myriad associated with factors, doesn’t obtain the reaction price the business must develop. The actual email will get captured inside a spam filter, or even the actual customer merely removes everything collectively. Therefore just what company to complete to get customers within the doorway? Most are right now attempting the plastic postcard mailer.

Plastic postcard mailers really are a new, enjoyable method to obtain customers thinking about anything you are providing. Due to the a variety of choices on the plastic card mailer, you may make all of them because interactive using the customer while you select. You are able to produce a mailer having a punch out card for that customer to create within or even shop within their wallet, or even maintain this more standard. Due to adjustable image resolution technologies, it’s actually feasible in order to personalize the actual picture, or even message, about the plastic postcard mailer in line with the customer name. This particular enables you to possess a style particular to some customer for any truly unique item simply for all of them. For instance, knowing 1 customer loves yellow roses as well as an additional red roses, you may make sure individuals customers obtain a specific flower upon their mailer, instantly interesting all of them.

Price may be the key, normally, whenever selecting to attempt the plastic postcard mailing. These people perform certainly price a lot more than only a paper postcard, as well as certainly much more if you choose to perform a good email blast. Nevertheless, the actual benefits perform allow it to be really worth the actual risk. Normally, the actual ROI of the plastic mailer may variety between 4-10% a lot more than it’s document counterparts. Paper postcards have grown to be therefore typical, that they’re very easily viewed as well as place in the actual trash. Plastic postcards appear to engage individuals simply because they stand out. Their own materials feels as though the actual width of the credit card, plus they might have the choice in order to punch out the card that boosts the conversation much much more, producing the actual consumer look twice prior to these people throw this away. You are able to printing color on a single, or even both, attributes producing all of them really appealing towards the eye.

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