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Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Mail



Why invest in Direct Mail over other advertising methods?


You should invest in direct mail over social media, radio, or billboard marketing because it is not something that you see and is easily forgotten. It’s not something you hear and goes out the other ear. It’s something you see and is in your customer’s hands right away. It’s different from printed direct mail that is in an envelope that is easily tossed, lost, or thrown away. It does not come in an envelope. It comes on its own. It stands out because it is thicker, shinier, and it’s visually appealing. In a research study, they found that direct mail achieved a 4.4% response rate compared to an email that was a 0.12% rate. It is also 10 to 30 times more responsive than digital marketing. This is because customers can be overwhelmed by thousands of emails or ads on their computer and or phone screen. It’s something they see and ignore. However, when something is in your hands, it is impossible to ignore.


If I am going to invest in Direct Mail Marketing, why not just advertise in a Co-Op product?


While there are pluses to Co-Op mailing, like sharing the costs with other businesses. Why you wouldn’t want to invest in a co-op mailing service is because customers are going on to be distracted by other businesses, hence you have more competition. With ValCards, there is no competition. It’s just your business on one card instead of a small ad on page 76.


What is Solo Mailing?


Solo mailing is different than co-op mailing because you don’t share the same audience. You get to pick who you want to mail to. You don’t waste cost per piece. You get more buyers because what your selling relates to them. For example, if you are a hearing aid company, you wouldn’t sell to a neighborhood of young couples or young families. If you are in a co-op mailing service, then half of the mailing list might be those young families or couples. So, really you are getting more cost per sale over cost per piece.


Why plastic over paper?


While using paper for direct mailing is cheaper by 1/2 the cost, plastic postcards are more likely to be kept, stored in a wallet, and maintain great condition. The plastic postcard is 30 mils thick, so it does not tear compared to flimsy paper. It is more likely to be kept because it is not stored in an envelope. It is something that does not require to be opened, it’s right in your face. Its message is like a huge billboard right in front of your face. It does not blend in like junk mail. Also, it’s shiny and the colors pop at you instead of a faded printed paper.

Are plastic postcards actually made out of plastic?


Is it really plastic? It is not technically plastic because plastic is made out of PVC which is extremely durable and lasts years. However, you cannot mail PVC. So the closest thing to PVC is taking a piece of cardstock and putting a coat of laminate on both sides and it looks like plastic. You can make the laminate as thick as the PVC which is 30 ml.


What applications can be used with your mailer?


There are a lot of ways to use our plastic postcard, for example, a gift card, product promotions, VIP invitations, event discounts, badges, etc.


How do you compare to EDDM?


EDDM is every door direct mail. This a direct mailing service provided by the post office that is advertised to be cheaper for small businesses and things like that. However, it isn’t personalized to your audience. You get to pick a region of your audience but not specifics which means you are wasting cost per piece because what you are sending is not applicable to the resident. With ValCards Direct Mailing, you get to pick your mailing list and specify who you want to mail to so you get more cost per sale.


How many sizes can I choose from and do you offer different die-cut options?


There are three size options for your plastic postcard and different die cut options for each one.


What about variable data?


ValCards also provides variable data which means you can personalize each card with text for each household. For example, each card will have a different name like Mary for House A and John for House B. It’s a small text option that you can change for each card.


Can I add a scratch-off, magnetic strip, or barcode and can ValCards be integrated with my POS system?


ValCards does provide scratch-off, barcodes, mag strips, etc. options. ValCards can be integrated with a POS system using a mag strip or barcode to link information to a certain page.


Can you track my response? How do I get customers coming back after mailing?


ValCards also provides a loyalty program so that you can set up a way to know how your customers heard about you and set up a rewards program for them to keep coming back and be actively involved. Sending thank you for being a loyal customer or messages like that to your loyalty card members can keep those loyal customers coming back.


Why should I choose ValCards?


You should choose ValCards over any other direct mail marketing service because it is extremely customizable and personal to your company and your audience and can truly portray your business and customers. Contact us today at (760) 514-8746.


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