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Franchise Owners Grow their Business with Plastic Postcards


“Approximately one out of every 12 businesses in the U.S. is a franchise business.” With all the competition out there, it’s important as a franchise owner to stand out. Especially in terms of franchise marketing campaigns. Since we are living in the technology era, many franchise owners find it difficult to stand out. ValCards plastic postcards are the ideal marketing pieces in franchise owners’ marketing campaigns. Here are the reasons why.

Targeted Audience

Franchise owners can pick and choose who their ideal customer is. You can filter the age range, income level, gender, hobbies, radius, etc. All of these areas truly matter to a franchise owner.


Plastic postcards are incredibly unique due to the fact that they can do what no other marketing strategy can do, get in the consumer’s hands. It is more tangible and serves as a billboard in front of the customer’s eyes. Websites, social media, and ad pop-ups are common mail marketing strategies for franchises. However, since we do live in the technology era, it is hard to stand out from everyone else in online marketing. However, it’s impossible to overlook the shiny embossed and colorful plastic postcard that consumers receive in the mail.


Direct Mail Plastic Postcards are extremely crucial for any franchise owner that wants to personalize where and who they mail to. You can personalize your plastic postcards with different die-cut options, design creativity, barcodes, stripe encoding, magnetic strips, numbering, etc. Design a mail marketing piece that works and represents your company.

Variable Data

Variable data is a great way to personalize your message to your potential customer. When you personalize an object with something as simple as someone’s name, that person feels special. This object has someone’s name on it so why would they throw it away or ignore it. It makes them feel important and wanted. This feeling will increase the chances of them keeping and using ValCards for your service.


Using QR codes, barcodes, or providing the name of your website can prove rewarding. Linking your plastic postcard to your phone number and/or website is the number one way your customer can contact you immediately.

Valcard’s Direct Mail Plastic Postcards are the key to a successful franchise owners marketing campaign.

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