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Do Direct Mail Plastic Postcards

Really Work?


It’s true that we are living in the technology era. Every day, a new company comes out with a new device that they claim will make our lives easier. And with that, every website or app has a digital advertisement these days. So, since we live in the technology days, do Direct Mail Plastic Postcards really work? Since most businesses and companies are advertising with technology, then doesn’t that make it harder to stand out? It is very unlikely that you look at every advertisement that pops up on your screen. Studies have shown that “73% of U.S. consumers said they prefer direct mail for brand communications because they can read it at their own convenience.” Direct Mail Plastic Postcards is something that doesn’t disappear and is not something that is unseen, it is unique.


It’s unique because it does something that no technology platform can do, get in your consumer’s hands. It’s hard to ignore something that is right in front of you. It’s like a huge billboard in front of your face. It is simply hard to ignore. No online advertising or email can do that.


Plastic Postcards are personalized to who and where you want to mail to. They are extremely customizable to what kind of business or brand you are. With different die cuts and design options, your plastic postcards can truly represent what business you are and what customers you want. You can choose to add barcodes, magnetic strips, stripe encoding, numbering, personalization or custom die cutting.

Targeted Audience

Plastic Postcards are mailed to a targeted audience. This means that you can choose what age range, income range, marital status, gender, home value, and hobbies of your customer. This is more beneficial than a saturated mailing list which results in more cost per sale.


Unlike t.v. commercials and emails, plastic postcards are something that you just can’t simply ignore. It stands out instead of adding to a large collection of commercials and junk mail. It’s bright colors and glossy laminated finish leads recipients to become a customer.

Embedded Incentive

When a plastic postcard contains a gift card, the customers are more likely to keep the coupon and come to your location. ValCards makes this easy by offering different pop-outs so your customer can store your promotion in his/her wallet.


According to Direct Marketing Association, every $1 spent on Direct Marketing results in an $11.68 return on your investment. Research has proven that with plastic postcards, you get the greatest cost per sale.


There is no envelope to open, therefore your customer will notice your message or promotion right away. Since plastic postcards are extremely durable, they can be displayed in your customer’s wallet for future use.

No Envelope

There’s no envelope! Your message is right in front of your customers face without blending into other mail that ends up in the trash. It’s time to stop wasting money on region mailing lists and envelopes and it’s time to focus on plastic postcards.


There are different options for your plastic postcard. For example, you can choose different types of variable data. This is perfect for loyalty programs and memberships. Most issuers for loyalty cards share that redemption rates soared. When a customer a cardholder, they are persuaded to become more actively involved in your business. Another great way to increase redemption rates and increase more customers is to personalize each plastic postcard with the name of the house owner along with a message. This makes it more personal to the cardholder and makes them feel special, thus separating from junk mail.

Who can Benefit?

Restaurants, auto dealers, clothing stores, banks, rental companies, mortgage brokers, regional malls, credit card companies, home security, healthcare providers, distributors, retailers, etc., can all significantly benefit in customer growth.

Why Valcards Plastic Postcards Works

With ValCards, you get to work with a graphic designer to create an accurate representation of your company with different colors, fonts, texts, objects, pictures, etc. Many who have worked with us all see incredible results and more customers. We make the work easy so you can focus on your business. Contact us now at (760) 514-8746.



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