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How Plastic Postcards Help and Benefit Franchises


“The franchise industry is thriving in North America. In the United States alone there are over 759,000 franchise outlets accounting for $757 billion a year in revenue. Canada is also expanding rapidly, with approximately 4,300 new franchise outlets opening each year.” -SparkTank


What are plastic postcards?


These glossy and eye-catching marketing pieces come in a variety of sizes. You can make them personalized using variable data. It is a common misconception that direct mail marketing is losing to the technological era. However, plastic postcards prove the exact opposite of that claim. Direct mail marketing has never thrived more. Since technology is a common form of marketing, companies, and franchises are all blending in with each other. People want something they can see a touch, a physical display of what your franchise is, what it’s about, and what it has to offer. Receiving a shiny and professional plastic postcard in the mail will attract new buyers rapidly.


You can track your franchise success!


Sending out direct mail pieces without any way of analyzing your results is like sending out a heartfelt letter. However, no one receives that letter, it’s useless. There is no point in writing a letter that will never be seen. It is a waste of energy and time. Same issue with your marketing analytics. It is vital that you know how your marketing strategies are working. With plastic postcards, you can identify and track your franchise’s success. In addition, you must also identify your customer demographic. Who is your ideal customer? Who is purchasing your franchises? Who are your franchise’s buyers? You must determine and track who is purchasing your franchise. Once you’ve discovered your demographic, then you can alter your marketing to appeal to your customers. Your target audience must be aligned with franchise recruitment and your companies’ marketing tactics. With Valcards, you can scan and monitor your companies profits.


Who buys franchises?


Franchises owned by women make up almost 31% of franchisee according to the International Franchise Association and 45% of franchisees are entrepreneurs. Flexibility, balance, and support attract both groups. Entrepreneurs want a company franchise that will be on their team and support them every step of the way. They do not want to feel alone when starting up and building their business.


Gift Cards


Want to stand out from your competition is the crowd? Gift cards are the key to a successful marketing campaign. These credit card-like pop out cards are great eye catchers. Gift cards are like a valuable surprise that excites and attracts new buyers. Pop out credit cards can be a great token of remembrance to those who store this tiny billboard in their wallets or pocket.


Valcards can help you and your franchise grow by appealing to your customer demographics and track your results to see your highly rewarding results. We make the work easy so you can focus on your business.

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