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Creating a Plastic Postcard Campaign for New Movers



Why Target to New Movers?


According to a 2016 Epsilon study, new homeowners spend an average of $9,400 on establishing their new house as home. It makes sense to have a specific mail campaign for new movers in the area. When a family or couple moves to a home in a new area, they are looking for a new everything; new doctor, new dentist, new hair salon, new nail salon, new daycare, new tutor, landscaper, pest control, pool service, restaurants, etc. They are new to the area and don’t know any businesses nearby. That’s where you come in. Perhaps the new movers want to decorate their new home. If you are a furniture store, then mailing to those homeowners would be extremely beneficial for you. Or maybe the owner wants some landscaping done in their backyard. A landscaping company would be great in this area. It could be possible that the new couple or family are looking for new health doctors. This would be great for eye doctors, dentists, etc. It could even be that the new mover just wants to find local restaurants that taste amazing and inexpensive.

How to Target & When to Mail


Now that you know why it is so crucial to have a targeted mail campaign for new movers, it is now important to know how to target and when to mail.

How to Target

Targeting is so important because it narrows down and filters through thousands of demographics making sure you have the most impact and most ROI (return on investment) possible. ValCards gets a mailing list that only consists of new residences in the areas or zones you want to target. Because the data changes rapidly due to people moving in and out consistently, this campaign can be done regularly always targeting new people.

When to Mail

Repetition is key when it comes to direct mail. Most likely, consumers don’t respond right away. That’s why it’s recommended to mail at least 3 months to new movers. Once they’ve seen it 3 times, they are likely to remember your business. Maybe a new family who just moved into the neighborhood are looking for a great place to have dinner. They don’t know any restaurants in the area. However, the wife remembers receiving a plastic postcard with a gift card pop-out that she put in her wallet. The family then decides to eat at that restaurant and became regular customers because it was just across the street and they sought no reason to eat anywhere else.


Gift Card Pop-Outs for New Homeowners


A great way to grab your new mover’s attention would be to include a gift card pop-out that is specialized just for them. Offering a great deal or savings could cause the new movers in the area to choose your business over your competitions. This is a fresh start for you and new ones to the area. They aren’t familiar with you or your competitor’s services. Sending a gift card from your company will cause new movers to pick you over your competition. You can consider saying first meal or first purchase free. These enticing offers will bring new customers to your doors. If their first meal or purchase is free, then they feel that they have nothing to lose. They get to try a new business without the chance of losing money and if they like your service, you gain a new customer.


Design to Target to New Movers


Your plastic postcard design can be completely customized. You can put the new homeowner’s name or family’s last name with a welcoming greeting and promotional offer such as, “Welcome to the neighborhood Andrews Family. Enjoy your first meal free at The Spaghetti Parlour.” It makes homeowners feel special when a companies plastic postcard includes their name and recognizes that they are new to the area. Also, the gift card pop out will make them feel excited to come to your business.


New List Every Month


Creating a new mailing list every month for your new potential customers that have just moved to the area is extremely beneficial. Every month there will be new homeowners and families to the area. Switching up and mailing to new homes every month will ensure that your campaign constantly has new movers that can’t wait to hear about your company.


Contact ValCards today at (760) 514-8746 to start your plastic postcard campaign for new movers.

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