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Why have a birthday mailing campaign?


A birthday campaign is an extremely beneficial way to bring in any customer. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or spa, you can benefit greatly by creating a birthday mailing campaign. Consumers spend a lot of money for their birthdays. It’s a celebration of them and their life. They look forward to this occasion and can’t wait to spend it with their friends. It’s no secret that birthday celebrations aren’t cheap. They are desperately looking for deals and companies that stand out. Businesses that have great service and great prices. Throw yourself out there. With plastic postcards, you stand out. A thickly laminated postcard with a gift card pop out with a personalized name on it greeting the homeowner will put a smile on their face.


How to Target & When to Mail


How to Target

There are many ways that you can target your audience. You can target to those who like to get pampered if you are a hair salon, nail salon, or makeup brand. Perhaps you are a clothing or jewelry store. Or it may be you are a restaurant owner. No matter what business you are, you can find out what homeowners would enjoy your company’s service. Searching through different demographics will make sure you are mailing to those who will have interest in your company as opposed to those that don’t apply.

When to Mail

You can simply get a list of people whose birthdays are in the month your mailer goes out. So the person you are mailing to has a birthday that month. This is very important because it wouldn’t make sense to mail to a consumer whose birthday is months away. Mailing the month of their birthday will increase your response rate.


Gift Card Pop-Outs for Consumers Birthdays


Gift cards are great for drawing in homeowners going through their mail. It catches people’s attention, because who doesn’t want to save money? Birthday celebrations and dinners can be really pricey, so they earnestly seek chances to spend less. Gift card pop-outs are great because there are so many die-cut options. You can really personalize it to your company. A key tag is great to be stored on their keychain. Or, a credit card sized gift card can be stowed away in a wallet. That way your consumers have a little piece of you wherever they go. It is like a huge billboard in their pocket that steals their attention. Deals make you stand out and can be a huge factor for people who spend money on their birthdays. Offering savings for those who bring a group can draw more people into your doors. Grab your consumer’s attention by offering a birthday special.


Design for Your Plastic Postcard


An eye-catching design will make your mailing campaign thrive. Adding pictures, phrases, and words relating to the consumer’s birthday will make the postcard feel special and personalized. Just something as simple as adding their name to the card makes them feel important to your company and wants to keep this information piece. Including their name, celebrating them, and then including your gift card “Happy Birthday Jane! Enjoy a buy one get one free meal!”


New List Every Month


Entrepreneur Elizabeth Arden shares this advice, “Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.” Consistency is very crucial if you want your business to be seen. People won’t know or remember your name if they haven’t seen it before a couple of times. Don’t give up after you’ve mailed once to your mailing list. Direct mail is an investment and you need to give it time to see the benefits.


Keeping in mind that you can search through different demographics that suit your business to target your audience, having a mailing list that have birthdays when your mailer goes out, offering a birthday special, using variable data to make your consumer feel special, and that having a consistent mailing list will all make your mailing campaign a success with great benefits. In conclusion, a birthday mailing campaign is a fantastic idea for any business owner that wants to see real results. Contact ValCards today at (760) 514-8746 to start your birthday mailing campaign.

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