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We Do It All

ValCards is your single source to create and manage your card mailer program. We customize our services to your needs so pick and choose what we do for your company, or have us manage everything for you. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Printing and Production
  • Mailing – Postage and Processing/Handling
  • List Services
  • Data Processing
  • Magnetic Strip Encoding Cards
  • And much more!

ValCards Difference

Our Executive Team has over 12 years experience in the direct mail industry.

And we are no stranger to hard work.

Before launching ValCards, our team founded a National Direct Mail Franchise System that was Ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the “Top New Franchises” in the Country and among one of the Franchise 500.

How that is translated into your company?

We are a fully dedicated team that does everything we can to help our customers succeed. Your success is our success. We listen to your needs and continue to develop your campaign.

ValCards – The New Technology in Direct Mail Marketing

Companies are always looking for innovations to get their mail pieces noticed, and ValCards die-cut plastic mailers do just that. You simply cannot forget receiving one in the mailbox. ValCards are especially effective for demographic direct mail and will forever change the way we approach Direct Mail Marketing.

ValCards – making a difference

  • Wallet Sized Cards: Using any design we create, consumers will have a handy reminder in their wallet with all of your contact information
  • Completely Personalized: Both sides of the postcard and any pop-out wallet cards or key chain fobs can be personalized for each individual in a household. The ValCard can be designed to hold up to four pop-out “wallet cards” and four “key chain fobs”.
  • Unlimited Variations of Photos and Messages: Any message or photograph anywhere on the ValCard can change based on demographic and geographic values or an unlimited number of combinations of city, county, region, age, gender, ethnicity and other criteria.
  • Low Postage: Both the smaller size  ValCard, which is 5.5” x 4” or the larger sample which is 8” x 5.5”, can be mailed at Standard (formally called Bulk Rate) postage rates; the smaller ValCard also qualifies for the first class postcard rate of only 36 cents apiece.
  • Map to your Location Included: Each wallet card can contain a map to your location, in addition to your company name and address. The benefits of using ValCard, the first and only mailbox-to-wallet direct mail piece available, are limitless. All this and at a price sometimes cheaper than a standard generic postcard.

Custom Shaped Mailer Applications

Here are just a few examples of uses for die-cut plastic mailers:

  • Business Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Fundraising
  • Membership Cards
  • Trade Show Handouts
  • Gift Cards
  • Key Mailers

Magnetic Stripe Wallet sized cards

  • High & Low Coerivity
  • 30 mil White Plastic – Credit Card Thickness
  • 7 Day Standard Turnaround

Adding a magnetic stripe to your plastic card mailer enables the card to store data by modifying the magnetism of the magnetic material on the card. The magnetic stripe, or mag-stripe, is read by swiping past a reading head or reader. The magnetic stripe is located 0.223 inches (5.66 mm) from the edge of the card, and is 0.375 inches (9.52 mm) wide. Mag-stripes come in two varieties: low and high-coercivity.

Low-coercivity mag-stripes require a lower amount of magnetic energy to record, so the mag-stripe writers are much less expensive. High-coercivity mag-stripes are harder to erase because the card writers apply more information using a more powerful magnetic field. Low-coercivity mag-stripes require a lower amount of magnetic energy to record, so the card writers are much less expensive. A magnetic card reader (what you see in retail stores and on gas pumps) can read either type of magnetic stripe.

Keychain Tags

  • Keychain Tags Embedded In Postcard Size Mailer
  • Custom Materials, Sizes and Shapes Available
  • Choose From Standard Styles
  • Photo Quality printing on Keychain Tags
  • Personalization Option
  • Bar Coding Option
  • 7 Days or Faster Turnaround

Auto Wash
                      Frequency and Prepaid wash cards.

Business Professionals
                        Business, Client, ID, Promotional, Calendar and Insurance Cards.

Car Dealers
                          Vehicle Identification, Dealer, Warranty, Discount and Promotional Plastic Cards.

Computer Industry
                          Customer Support, Internet Access, Warranty and Cash Cards.

Eating Establishments
                          Gift, Loyalty, Membership, Promotional, Discount and Frequent Dining cards.

Entertainment Centers
                          Preferred Entry, Membership, VIP, Reward and Tip Cards/ Sheets.

Financial Institutions
                          Customer, Loyalty , Calendar , VISA/MasterCard/AMEX and Bank Promotional credit Cards.

Golf Clubs
                          Golf Club Tags, Prepaid Green Fee Tags and Maps.

                          Hotel Key , ID Badges, Discount and Frequency Cards.

Housing Industry
                            Business , Calendar and Access Cards

Laundry Service
                        Discount and Frequent Customer Plastic Cards.

                        PVC , Promotion , Embossed , Thermal Printed Cards and Punchout Mailers.

Membership Programs
                          ID , Discount , Membership  and Multi Shopper Cards.

                        Discount , Membership and Frequency Cards.

                        Access Control , Name Badges, Rfid  and Smart Cards.

Stores/Shopping Centers
                        Check Cashing , Discount , Customer , Loyalty , Keytags, Reward and Retail custom printed gift card holders.
                        Card Pockets, Card Sleeves, gifts (plastic and paper).

                        Prepaid Phone , Scratch cards, Scratch-off Cards,Smart, Plastic/Paper, Punchout and Recharge. GSM, Magstripe, Mini-Magstripe, POSA, Paper Laminated, Multi-Card Packs, Long Cards, Short Cards, CR80’s, Billboard POSA, Blister and Flat Pak Cards. Posters, Magnets, Voucher, Prepaid Wireless Cards, CDMA, Wrapping and Secure Cards (plastic and paper).

                        Discount, Prepaid Movie, Gift cards etc.

                      ID Badges, Bookstore Gift Cards and Membership Cards.

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