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8 Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Plastic Postcards


Studies have shown that 26 percent of restaurants fail in the first year and that 60 percent go out of business by the third year. This is commonly due to a lack of effective and new marketing strategies. Restaurants that create new ways of marketing to get their name out there and customers in the doors thrive in the industry. Think it’s time for a change in your marketing strategies for your restaurant? Follow these 8 Restaurant Marketing Strategies if you are ready for new, excited, and hungry customers.



Something that could go tremendously right or terribly wrong would depend on your plastic postcard design. A clean, fresh, enticing design could win over consumers hearts and essentially their stomachs too. However, an overcrowded and meaningless design could prove to be ineffective and makes its way to the trash pile. Try finding something eye-catching that will draw readers in. For example, a high-quality image of your famous dish or a special offer could act as a great call to action for your potential customers. Another essential and critical thing to include on your postcard is your contact information. How are customers supposed to find or reach you without the most important tool to do that? Include the name of your restaurant, number, and address. Maybe even think about adding a map of your restaurant on the back. Slight details such as these make a significant difference.


Mailing List

It is very crucial that you create a targeted mailing list. You can target by age, income level, and radius. Mailing to homes nearby your restaurant locations will ensure that your customers will drive to your business because it wouldn’t be likely for a person to drive 45 mins to a new restaurant. So make sure that your mailing list is at least 10 miles from your location.


How Often To Mail

It is recommended to mail to the same mailing list consistently because a new loyal customer doesn’t happen overnight. If a homeowner sees the same restaurant and special three or four times, they will then remember to use that coupon and keep it around to see what it’s all about. Mailing once every two weeks is important so that consumers keep your restaurant in mind next time they decide to eat out.



It’s no question that Birthdays are the number one occasion that people celebrate it. It’s so very critical that you set up an annual birthday special offer that you send to customers weeks before and on the day of their special day. Mailing a personalized message that celebrates the homeowner by including their name along with a great deal, such as a free meal or side. This is the number one way to bring in old and new customers yearly.


Online Customers

According to the Direct Marketing Association, every $1 that marketers spent on email gave a return on investment of $40.56. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to branch out to customers online in addition to your mailings. Sending email reminders of new dishes or offers, birthday special, kids eat free, or happy hours can really be a huge reminder to your customers. These reminders encourage customers to remember your restaurant instead of someone else’s.


Beat Your Competition’s Prices

Want to separate yourself from your competition? Of course, who doesn’t? Offering specials and discounts will attract more attention to your location instead of the overly priced restaurant across the street.


New Dish

You can attract new customers simply by a new entre or dish that you are newly serving. A high definition photo of this new meal on your mailing piece will draw in customers. This is great for your loyal returning customers because they get to try something new and gain new excitement and great for new customers because it could be included in a deal for their first meal.


Early Bird Special

It would be a fantastic idea to promote an Early Bird Special at your restaurant. You can choose to mail reminders of your special to senior communities nearby and by age range by filtering through different databases nearby your store location. Following these 8 marketing strategies will bring new, loyal, returning customers to your restaurant.


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