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3 Ways Plastic Postcards Help Health and Beauty Companies



Everyone wants to look their best self. Therefore, consumers are attracted to beauty salons, spas, hair salons, makeup stores, tanning salons, fitness centers, skin care, plastic surgeons, etc. And it’s obvious to see that consumers money is going towards health and beauty industries. With an estimated $22 billion in cosmetics and fragrance, $17 billion in health and wellness spas, $16 billion in massage services, $11 billion in waxing and nail salons, and an estimated yearly revenue of $2 billion on tanning salons. However, it can be challenging to decipher what business or company is right for them. In this article, we will pinpoint how plastic postcards can bring in new customers for your health or beauty company and tips to stand out from your competition.


How Plastic Postcards Stand Out from Your Competitors


Plastic postcards are very special and different than any other direct mail piece. The thick, laminated postcard is not flimsy and does not tear easily compared to homeowners’ stack of mail. The glossy finish and bright colors pop out to readers. Plastic postcards steal the attention away from anyone who holds it. It does not go unseen. The gift card pop outs and key tags are stored for use and are like a huge billboard in front of a consumer’s face. It’s unique and personal by being extremely customizable to your business. It’s eye-catching and targeted to your ideal customer to ensure the highest ROI (return on interest) possible. To add on, research has proven that you get the greatest cost per sale with plastic postcards. With endless options and die cuts, you can decide how your postcard can represent your company. Want a mail piece that stays in a consumer’s hand and not the trash?


How to Grab Customer’s Attention


If you are a plastic surgery business, including a before and after shot will really draw people in. Amazing results prove your business is trustworthy and that your customers can see real results too. This can also be a great attention grabber for hair salons. Perhaps including a before picture of the client’s hair and then the aftermath of your great talents. Another great tip is to include a list of all the services you do. Take the hair salon, for example, it would be very beneficial to provide information about wedding services or prom hairstyles. In addition to that, whenever it is a common season for weddings or the month of prom, you could set up a mailing campaign specified to that service.

Gift Card Pop Outs


The health and beauty industry can be very pricey which can be a determining factor for consumers. That’s why offering savings can be very rewarding because you can stand out from your more expensive competition. Not all have the resources to partake in expensive makeovers and beauty transformations. So some consumers don’t find interest in health and beauty companies. However, if that homeowner received a glossy, plastic postcard in their mail with a 50% off first purchase or first haircut free in the mail, they’d be ecstatic that a company wants beauty to be for everyone. As a health or beauty business owner, it should be considered to offer certain savings for a particular service like tanning, eyebrow waxing, facial, fitness camp, manicure, surgical procedure, etc. It could be that a homeowner is looking for a specific service to be done, however, is overwhelmed by the outrageous prices of the other businesses out there. But, moments later finds a well designed and clean plastic postcard in the mail with a gift card pop out that is just what they need and then puts the gift certificate in their wallet to use. There are also so many options for your gift card pop out. You can choose different die cut options to really make your postcard special and unique. Offering great savings like this prove great service at a great price which is all that matters to potential customers.


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