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Consumers are drawn to mailing pieces that stand out. Simple but strategic designs catch people’s eyes. Finding the perfect balance between a basic but not overpowering design is crucial to seek results. Don’t distract people from your message with too many pictures and colors. ValCards can help you design a plastic postcard that looks professional, unique, and gets your point across. Visuals, text, and color play such an important role in marketing your plastic postcards campaign.



Adding one or two pictures help show a visual of your message. Due to technology and social media apps, people are drawn to pictures. Whether that be digital or physical pictures, customers are intrigued when they have something to look at. Select photos that relate to your message and commands readers to take action. With a targeted mailing list, you know who your buyer is. So, direct and alter your design to grab those homeowners’ attention. You can choose images or clipart that represent your business. Such as a company mascot or logo. That way your customers can view that image and resonate it with your business. Another beneficial idea would be to make your plastic postcards more festive during the holidays and different seasons. During summer, you can make your postcard very bright and colorful. This attracts people eyes more because they are already in that summery mood. Or, in the winter you can add clipart that shows some form of Christmas or cold weather. That way consumers know that what you are offering is seasonal and applies to them right now.



Brief, clear, and informative text is needed to explain why customers need your business. No one has the time to read through the fine print, nor do they want to. A short and sweet message is always the way to go in order to grab homeowners attention and keep it. Just as mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can make your text seasonal. During the winter, you can offer specials that relate to the cold weather and mass purchasing of presents. Or, perhaps you are an air conditioning installer company. In summer, you can offer a summer special concerning air conditioning. Whatever the holiday or season, you can make your business’ plastic postcard more relevant using text.



Do not underestimate the power of color. Color directs emotions and gives people different feelings. For example, the color blue makes people feel calm and at ease. However, if you want to demand attention, red is a call to action color. If you want a color that gives off the impression of wealth or money, green tends to show security and balance. The color black shows perfection and elegance. Orange showcases joy, creativity, and success. White shows safety and is often used to market high-end products. Shades of purple suggest royalty and ambition. In advertising, pink is represented charm and romance. Brown is often seen as a natural color meaning reliability and healing. It has been proven that yellow stimulates brain activity and gives off energy. Color plays such an important part in advertising, especially plastic postcards. Your visual representation of your message must have colors that give off the vibe that you want your customers to feel when they think of your company. Adding splashes of color to a theme can highlight the things you want your readers to focus on. Avoid putting too much color, because you do not want your plastic postcard to look like a unicorn threw up on it. There is a balance between too basic with no color and rainbow overkill. Adding splashes of color and choosing a color palette that goes together is key.

Images, text, and colors play such an important part in advertising. ValCards can help you build a plastic postcard that perfectly represents you and your customers.

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