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Snap out gift cards are postcards that have a perfed, snap out gift card integrated into the postcard.  It is a sample of the real gift card.  The recipient snaps out the card and then contacts the sender to claim the real gift card.  There is something immediate and compelling about these cards and we have had some great results with retail clients. Your Plastic Cards and Key Tags Snap Out of a Direct Mail Postcard!

Direct mail postcards are morphing into mailable plastic pieces! Plastic postcards let you add plastic cards and plastic key tags that punch right out of your postcards. Cool. This is an amazing effect that really pumps up customer response to direct mail. Plastic postcards with snap out plastic cards and key tags also cut costs – and material consumption – in big ways while giving you tremendous new features. 

Tremendous Features for Mailable Snap Out Key Tags and Plastic Cards:

  • Your Mailing Is Interactive – A Proven Response Rate Builder
  • Less IS More – It’s A Postcard and Promotional Item All-In-One
  • Big Cost Cutter – Eliminates Matching Cards and Tags To Envelopes and Letters
  • Very Green Construction – All The Direct Mail Elements Are Combined In 1 Piece

These plastic postcards are awesome and easy to design and order. Almost any graphics or postcard design can be modified to include your plastic gift cards, membership cards and key tags. This is the “feel good” solution you need to get highly personalized direct mail pieces in your customer’s hands – with great response rates that come at a small price to our environment – and your budget.

If you have ever done any marketing at all, then you know that all customers have one thing in common: they want something tangible. Whether that item is a physical product, or simply something from the store they can hold on to, they want it, and you can use this to your advantage. For years companies have used what are known as promotional products to advertise their business, and you might be thinking of taking this route, but would you believe that there is a way to advertise your business AND provide the customer something that they can use with your store?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you wish to start some sort of rewards program for your loyal customers. Loyalty can easily be determined in points, and these points can be kept track of using a card. This card will of course be handed out to all customers, and when they made purchases at your establishment, they could have that card swiped in order to add points.

The problem you might have however is getting your customers to take the card. One store tried a method that involved listing the sale price of an item on their shelf, and below that listing the price of the item if they used their rewards card. In order for this to work the price will need to be significantly different, but there is still the problem of getting people to take the card.

This problem offers a solution, as well as a way to boost sales if executed properly. Plastic postcards are actually a great way to convey your message so long as you know how to use them properly. On that note let’s say that you provide a card to your customers through the mail. By doing this you take a step out of the equation and the customer gets the card they need. On this card you will have your company logo and perhaps a list of current deals.

There will be another aspect of this card that others will tend to take for granted, that aspect being the pop-out gift cards. These cards feature a magnetic strip as well as your company logo. With that being the case, you can easily advertise your company every single time they open their wallet. On top of that, these cards are plastic and plastic means much more to a customer than any other type of promotional material. This is a card that can go through the washing machine unscathed, and providing this to the customers free of charge shows them that you actually care about them.

As you can see, having these postcards can truly affect your business in ways that you never could have imagined! The time to supply your customers with these marketing miracles is now. It won’t be long before your bottom line improves like never before.

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