Restaurant Direct Mail

Restaurant Direct Mail Marketing

As many restaurants are trying to cut theirs costs within the confines of a challenging economy, published reports indicate that businesses often make the common mistake of reducing or eliminating their direct-mail budgets. With new web technologies like internet marketing tools and specialty email marketing available, everyone is trying to be cost effective in their advertising efforts. And yes, it is very important to utilize technology wisely in order to decrease costs; however, direct mail is a necessary expense, whether introducing your web marketing efforts or in promoting your company. Many studies show that direct mail is still the leader when it comes to branding and delivering a quality message (provided that it is done properly).

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When it comes to promoting a restaurant, internet marketing is a valuable tool. As such, many restaurants are becoming increasingly active on the Web by utilizing blogs and social tools–yet not quite succeeding in integrating these new technologies with their classic media. A good restaurant strategy is one that embraces Web 2.0 and integrates it with both direct mail and traditional advertising. It is all about reinforcing your brand and communicating your message effectively to your customers. If you are active in social media, advertise your profiles in your direct-mail ad also. If you are mailing postcards about an event, create an event page on your website, then send an e-mail to your customers and share the information via social media. To reach more repeat customers as well as potential ones, provide updates about your menu, events and specials; you should consider using direct mail, print and web tools in tandem, not merely eliminate one or the other.

ValCards constantly works with restaurants to provide marketing solutions that work. Our Company offers appealing, well-designed restaurant menus. We also have many direct mail “off page” products (postcards, inserts, etc.), as well as web marketing solutions, from social media and search engine optimization to e-mail marketing.

The point: Marketing efforts are about reinforcing your brand! Embracing the new web marketing technologies is wise, but integrating them with direct mail will lead to far more successful results.