Plastic Postcard

Amazing Read Rate

Plastic postcards from ValCards Plastic Postcards have a superior read rate when compared to conventional direct mail. With pop out cards and key tags, your customers will immediately perceive them as having cash value.

The Durability of Plastic Postcard Mailers

Credit card thickness 30 mil laminate increases the shelf life of the mailer, allowing for longer expiration dates and extending the reach of your offers.

Maximum Response

Our high gloss, plastic postcards stand out in a mailbox crowded with conventional paper mailers, catalogs and coupons.

Track your Results

Each of your plastic postcards from ValCards Plastic Postcardsincludes a bar code that can link directly to your Point of Sale system. Tracking results and customer buying habits has never been easier.

Customize your Meet Needs

Your best prospects are a mirror image of your current customers. Our marketing team will target them precisely where they live and work.

Its Affordable

The price includes: Consultation, Graphic Design, Printing, Mapping, Mailing List, Data Processing, Mail Production and Postage.

Plastic Postcard Mailers Get Results!

Feel like your advertising and direct marketing budget isn’t getting the results you want? ValCards Plastic Postcard Mailers is the answer!  With a higher read rate and response level than conventional mail, our direct mail postcards are proven to attract new customers and maximize your return on investment.  Our plastic mailers are custom designed, precisely targeted and feature a long shelf life – a recipe for success!

Plastic Postcard