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Many businesses are getting discouraged about acquiring new customers. In this economy, trying to get new business in the door is quite a challenge. With email marketing in full force, many companies believe that with a great email campaign that they will get customers without shelling out the money to do a traditional mailing campaign. This strategy works for some businesses, but for others email marketing, for a myriad of reasons, does not get the response rate a business needs to grow. The email gets caught in a spam filter, or the customer simply deletes it all together. So what is a company to do in order to get customers in the door? Many are now trying a plastic postcard mailer.

Plastic postcard mailers are a new, fun way to get customers interested in whatever you are offering. Because of the many different options on a plastic card mailer, you can make them as interactive with the customer as you choose. You can create a mailer with a punch out card for the customer to bring in or store in their wallet, or keep it more simple. Because of variable imaging technology, it is even possible to customize the image, or message, on the plastic postcard mailer based on the customer name. This allows you to have a design specific to a customer for a truly unique piece just for them. For example, if you know one customer loves yellow roses and another red roses, you can make sure that those customers get a specific flower on their mailer, automatically engaging them.

Cost is the main factor, normally, when choosing to undertake a plastic postcard mailing. They do indeed cost more than just a paper postcard, and definitely more if you decide to do an email blast. However, the rewards do make it worth the risk. On average, the ROI of a plastic mailer can range anywhere from 4-10% more than its paper counterparts. Paper postcards have become so common, that they are easily looked over and put in the trash. Plastic postcards seem to engage people because they stand out. Their material feels like the thickness of a credit card, and they may have the option to punch out a card which increases the interaction that much more, making the consumer look twice before they toss it out. You can print full color on one, or both, sides making them very appealing to the eye.

Any industry can take advantage of a plastic postcard mailer. From car dealerships, clothing stores, restaurants, to spas, medical clinics and insurance agencies, there really is not anyone who can’t benefit from these mailers. If you want to get create a mailer and still cut costs, simply don’t mail them. Hand them out in gift bags, trade shows, your local buyers guide or right in your store. The possibilities are endless!

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