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Plastic Postcard Experts – Plastic Pop Out Card Postcard Experts

It’s a fact: 85 percent of new restaurants fail within the first year of opening their doors. To be successful, you must have not only great food and great service, but a great marketing plan as well. That’s where we come in.

ValCards Plastic Postcards can help you develop effective restaurant direct mail postcards that increase your visibility and gets traffic in the door-and coming back for more.

A restaurant postcard is perfect for:

  • Call for reservations
  • Featured Chef announcements
  • Specials
  • Seasonal Entrees
  • Grand openings or relocations
  • Trial records
  • Mailing to existing clients or new prospects
  • Gift Certificates

ValCards are a much more effective alternative to sending traditional postcards. Many marketers only focus on the up-front cost of the direct mail piece, but in this economy, Cost-Per-Sale and ROI is what matters the most. With high quality commercial print 30 mil plastic composite material, our business postcards stand out among all other direct mail pieces. Plastic Post Cards command attention. Our pop out postcards gift card mailers stand out from other post cards in a mailbox. New plastic postcard mailers designed with breakout cards, key tags, or combinations of both allows you to promote a new or existing membership, discount, or loyalty program direct to your customers conveniently through the mail. This new concept in mail campaigns is designed to put your program and brand directly into your new and existing customers hands. Let us assist you in creating a plastic postcard campaign.


  • Our postcard advertising programs generate new customers at the LOWEST cost per Sale!
  • There is no envelope to open: your offer is noticed immediately by the prospective customer.
  • We handle everything from start to finish and give you the freedom to stay focused on your business.
  • Unlike regular paper postcards, our durable plastic postcards can easily be placed in a wallet for future use.
  • Our new and unique design is the thickest piece allowed in the mail stream, ensuring your offer will stand out.
  • We are able to track buyer demographic information that will increase the ROI and profit on your future mailings.
  • Full color digital printing ensures high-quality images
  • Every card can be uniquely addressed to the prospective customer for a personalized feel.

ValCards – The New Technology in Direct Mail Marketing

Companies are always looking for innovations to get their mail pieces noticed, and ValCards die-cut plastic mailers do just that. You simply cannot forget receiving one in the mailbox. ValCards are especially effective for demographic direct mail and will forever change the way we approach Direct Mail Marketing.
ValCards – making a difference

  • Wallet Sized Cards: Using any design we create, consumers will have a handy reminder in their wallet with all of your contact information.
  • Completely Personalized: Both sides of the postcard and any pop-out wallet cards or key chain fobs can be personalized for each individual in a household. The ValCard can be designed to hold up to four pop-out “wallet cards” and four “key chain fobs”.
  • Unlimited Variations of Photos and Messages: Any message or photograph anywhere on the ValCard can change based on demographic and geographic values or an unlimited number of combinations of city, county, region, age, gender, ethnicity and other criteria.
  • Low Postage: Both the smaller size  ValCard, which is 5.5” x 4” or the larger sample which is 8” x 5.5”, can be mailed at Standard (formally called Bulk Rate) postage rates; the smaller ValCard also qualifies for the first class postcard rate of only 36 cents apiece.
  • Map to your Location Included: Each wallet card can contain a map to your location, in addition to your company name and address. The benefits of using ValCard, the first and only mailbox-to-wallet direct mail piece available, are limitless. All this and at a price sometimes cheaper than a standard generic postcard.

Our unique plastic postcards are generating the highest return on investment compared to any other direct mail piece. Gift Cards Delivered in Plastic Postcard Mailers. Utilize our direct mail credit card thick plastic postcards to distribute gift cards to your current or potential customers. The gift cards simply pop-out of the postcards and retain their inherent durability and resilience. ValCards Plastic Postcards is the new tool in direct mail marketing. Mailing Plastic Postcards Works great for all industries.

Restaurants have been one of the biggest industries to take advantage of this new form of marketing to generate new clients to their restaurant. We have been a big winner for Restaurant Marketing. Tap into the power of Plastic Postcard Marketing for your Restaurant or other business. Your best source for plastic card printing and custom printed postcard mailers is ValCards. Restaurant card mailers is a win win. Gift Card Mailers are the new tool in direct mail marketing. Unique Mailers for Restaurants are great for bringing in new customers. ValCards Gift Card Direct Mailers work.

Attract new buyers. Reward loyal customers. Maximize your advertising budget.

Direct mail continues to rank among the most effective sales and marketing techniques even in the digital age. When you combine the power of direct mail with an attractive full color plastic postcard, you increase the likelihood of attracting attention, creating a bigger impact and getting the results you’re looking for.

Plastic postcards offer many advantages over paper postcards printed on conventional card stock, including:

Full color digital printing on front and back that grabs attention and allows you to deliver more content, including features and benefits, special offers and discounts, and your location and contact information; Durability to travel through the postal system and arrive in excellent condition without disappearing behind the barrier of an envelope; A unique look and feel that stands out from other direct mail pieces and is more likely to be retained for future use.

Even though costs are initially slightly higher upfront for plastic postcards vs. paper postcards, using plastic postcards in place of paper postcards in your direct mail marketing campaign has been proven to offer a much lower “Cost-Per-Sale” at the end of the day because of the much higher redemption rates. Postage might also be slightly lower with Programs like Every Door Direct Mail, but with ValCards Program you do not have to saturate carrier routes within specific zip codes, instead you can select your target audience based on your consumers parameters. That means Zero % of your mailing piece is wasted, giving you a much higher conversion ratio and ROI.

ValCards is your single source to create and manage your card mailer program. We customize our services to your needs so pick and choose what we do for your company, or have us manage everything for you. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Printing and Production
  • Mailing – Postage and Processing/Handling
  • List Services
  • Data Processing
  • Magnetic Strip Encoding Cards
  • And much more!

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