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Standard Mailing Lists

One of the most important factors to consider before launching a direct mail campaign is your mailing list. With ValCards you can target potential customers who are closest to your location. In addition, you can target county, city, zip code, and any of the demographics listed below.  These options are included in our all inclusive price programs.


Types of Standard Mailing Lists:

With ValCards, you have your choice from the following mailing lists:

  • Age Range
  • Income Range
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Homeowner or apartment renter
  • Households with or without children
  • Age range for children
  • Households with seniors
  • Address type
  • Home value
  • Year home built
  • Length of residence

Speciality Mailing Lists

Improve your ROI by targeting prospects when they are most likely to buy. ValCards allows you to target your most profitable clientele based on the following:

Birthday Mailing List

Did you know that most restaurants have at least 1,000 birthdays each month within 4 miles of their locations? Surprise your prospects with a "Gift" Card on their Birthday!

People rarely celebrate alone. They will bring family and friends, which means higher ticket prices.

Value of Targeting our Birthday Mailing List:

  • People eat out for birthdays more than any other occasion
  • Unlike email birthday campaigns, our plastic gift cards bring in NEW  customers
  • You can still target your audience by age, income, radius filters,  etc.
  • Our New Movers list is included at no extra cost, allowing you to reach  people who have recently moved to your area
  • People will associate memories and special occasions with your brand

Find out how many new movers are available around your locations each month. Call (855) CARDS-53 and We'll send you a report within 24 hours.

New Mover Mailing List

Welcome prospects to your neighborhood with a "Gift" Card. With our New Movers mailing list, you can target families that have moved within 5 miles of your restaurants within the past 30, 60, or 90 days.

Value of Targeting our New Movers Mailing List:

  • There is a very high probability that these will all be strictly NEW customers
  • You can attract new families in the area in hopes that they will enjoy the food/environment and become very loyal, long-term customers
  • There's nothing better than delighting someone with a  free gift card to introduce them to your restaurant for the 1st time

Find out how many new movers are available around your locations each month. Call (855) CARDS-53 and We'll send you a report within 24 hours.

Business Mailing List

Business Detail

  • Exact Employee Size
  • Exact Sales Volume
  • Franchise
  • Import/Export
  • Owner's Ethnicity
  • Women Owned
  • Small Business
  • Gender of Contact
  • Owns/Rents
  • Public/Private
  • Square Footage
  • Subsidiary
  • # of Computers
  • Website URL


  • Franchise Name
  • UCC Filing
  • UCC Filing Date
  • UCC Secured Party
  • Commercial Credit Score
  • Financial Stress Score

Phones & Contacts

  • Phones
  • Fax Numbers
  • Contacts
  • Job Titles


  • Food & Wine
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Frequent Diners
  • Entertainment


  • Education Level
  • Occupation
  • Number of Children Present at the Home
  • Exact Child Age
  • Investors
  • Ethnicity
  • Ethnic Country
  • Religion
  • Voter Party Preference
  • Veteran
  • Home-Based Business Flag


  • New Movers (families that have moved within 5 miles of your location in the past 30, 60, or 90 days)
  • Housing Type Detail
  • Home Office Indicator
  • Home Purchase Date
  • Primary Loan Date
  • Loan to Value Range
  • Available Home Equity
  • Number in Household
  • Mortgage Terms
  • Refinance Terms
  • Swimming Pool Flag
  • Fireplace Flag
  • AC/Heating Flag
  • Loan Type

Household Health

  • Allergies
  • Cholesterol Conscious
  • Diabetes
  • Diasabled
  • Homeopathic Conscious
  • Organic Conscious


  • Credit Card Indicator
  • Credit Card Users
  • New Bank Card Issued
  • Economic Stability Indicator
  • Discretionary Income Index
  • Net Worth
  • Wealth Percentile
  • Investment Types
  • Modeled Credit

Life Stages

  • Recently Married
  • Recently Divorced
  • Expectant Parent
  • New Parent
  • Recent College Grad
  • Empty Nester
  • Single Parent
  • Recent Mortage Borrower
  • Recent Home Buyer

Vehicle Info

  • Truck/Mortorcycle/RV Owner
  • Main Vehhicle Type Owned
  • Vehicle Maker
  • Vehicle Year

Buying Activities

  • Mail Order Donor
  • Mail Order Buyer
  • Online Purchase Indicator
  • Type of Retail Purchase
  • Preferred Store Types
  • Dollars Spent
  • Number of Orders
  • and many more!


Customize Your Plastic Card Mailers


Our plastic cards can be made with a variety of custom features depending on your needs or purpose for your mailing. Plastic Card Mailer upgrades can include: Bar codes, Magnetic Stripes, Stripe Encoding, Numbering, Personalization or Custom Die Cutting. Do you want an added flair of originality? We can make your mailer from clear of frosted plastics for a unique direct mail piece that is sure to grab attention. Just contact our sales department if you have any questions about what options are available and let us know how your next order should be fulfilled. Plastic Postcards are a great promotional piece to send to your customers.  Mailing a plastic postcard is different from mailing a traditional paper postcard.  First, not all plastic postcards are “postal legal,” meaning you cannot just drop them in the mail.  Depending on the size, quantity or information printed on the card you may need to put your plastic postcard mailer in an envelope to mail.  You also have the option of bulk mailing with or without an envelope.  Your postage rate may also vary as well depending on these factors.  Please contact customer service with any questions you have about mailing your plastic postcard.