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ValCards credit card thick plastic postcard with Pop-Out Card is the new standard in direct mail marketing. No other direct marketing piece provides you with such great response rates. ValCards Plastic Postcards have proven time to out perform standard paper postcards. Using a snap-off wallet card or unique die-cut shaped redemption piece that's built into the postcard, you have the power to meaningfully increase your redemption rate and your sales. 

ValCards Plastic Postcards with Pop-Out Card Direct Mail Marketing 

Even though costs are initially slightly higher upfront for plastic postcards vs. paper postcards, using plastic postcards in place of paper postcards in your direct mail marketing campaign has been proven to offer a much lower "Cost-Per-Sale" at the end of the day because of the much higher redemption rates. Postage might also be slightly lower with Programs like Every Door Direct Mail, but with ValCards Program you do not have to saturate carrier routes within specific zip codes, instead you can select your target audience based on your consumers parameters. That means Zero % of your mailing piece is wasted, giving you a much higher conversion ratio and ROI. ValCards offers the lowest wholesale printing pricing in the Industry.

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Plastic Postcards with Card Pop-Out is the New Tool in Direct Mail Marketing.

The Ultimate Postcard Mailer.