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EDDM – Mailing List – Mailing Service – USPS USPS USPS USPS – Every Door Direct Mail – Postcard Sizes

Every Door Direct Mail

Find the customers who matter most.

Every Door Direct Mail® from the U.S. Postal Service®, is designed to help you reach every home, every address, every time. Now it’s even easier using our redesigned tool!

You can map out a target area, select a delivery route and mailing drop off date, and pay online—all from your computer. And, you can create your mailings up to 30 days before you plan to mail them.

Now you can tell the whole neighborhood what your business has to offer.

With Every Door Direct Mail® service from the U.S. Postal Service®, you can reach the customers who matter most to your business in nearby neighborhoods.  You don’t even need to know names or street addresses. Simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target and your printed piece is delivered to every active address in your target area.

Choose the option that is best for you.

  • Every Door Direct Mail – Retail® – Most local businesses choose this service because it’s our simplest, most cost-effective option.  Every Door Direct Mail — Retail® lets you send up to 5,000 mailpieces a day per ZIP Code. And, using the approved Every Door Direct Mail — Retail Indicia, you don’t need to purchase a postage permit.
  • Every Door Direct Mail® – This option is designed for businesses that send larger mailings using a mailing permit. With this option, you need a postage permit and entry into a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). This option is great for announcing new store openings, sales, or other major events. You can also reach homes during the week for a weekend event. And, there’s no need to print names and addresses on every mail piece

What Every Door Direct Mail brings to your marketing efforts.

  • Reaches consumers in their homes. With Every Door Direct Mail, you can saturate an entire neighborhood with your message, and your mailing gets directly into the homes and hands of consumers.
  • As much or as little space as you need*. Every Door Direct Mail offers a flexible range of sizes, making it ideal for anything from a quick sales announcement to an in-depth product story.
  • Helps your messages work harder. With Every Door Direct Mail, you can include coupons, menus, event calendars, store maps, and more — all of which can help get customers to your door.

    EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail


    USPS Postage for 14.9 cents and no mailing list!

    If you currently mail postcards for your business and target your customers by a geographic area then this new mailing program by USPS is for you. EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a new promotion being rolled out by the US Postal Service that enables regular retail businesses to mail at an astounding 14.5 cents per postcard without even needing to have a mailing address.

    3 ways to use the “Every Door Direct Mail”

    1) You Prepare The Mail You can print the postcards with us and we will send them to you for you to complete the preparations for the Every Door Direct Mail program. We will assist you in creating your paperwork and consult with you on preparing your cards for Every Door Direct Mail delivery.

    2) We Prepare the Mail For You For only 3 cents more, we can prepare all of your paperwork for you and bundle the mailing exact to post office guidelines. Once prepared, we ship the cards to you and all you have to do is drop them off at the post office. We do every thing for you except drop the cards off to the post office. Every Door Direct Mail that really is turnkey!

    3) We Handle It All We can ship the cards directly to the post office at your request.

    1. With EDDM Retail you can:

    • Get a rate of 14.5 cents for each mail piece.

    • Avoid mail processing costs (such as ink jetting and labeling).

    • Save on time (usually takes a couple days to process your mail and get it prepped for mailing).

    2. To qualify for EDDM/Retail:

    • Your mailing piece must be under 3.3 oz.

    • You must do a saturation mailing to a mail carrier route (you do not have to do a saturation mailing to an entire zip code, just an entire mail carrier route).

    • Your mailing must be at least 200 mail pieces and not exceed 5,000 per day.

    • The mailing piece must be more than 10 ½ long OR more than 6 1/8 high OR more than .25” thick. (AND ALL pieces, while meeting one of those requirements, must also measure by at least 3 1/2 inches.) USPS doesn’t use the term “width”, they are looking for the “height”. To clarify, regardless of how it is bound, the longest side of any piece is always considered the “length” and the shortest side is always considered the “height”.

    • Your piece must be a standard mail flat (explain & put link here).

    3. If you don’t meet all the requirements for Retail, you can still qualify for EDDM/BMEU by meeting the following requirements:

    • Your mailing piece must be under 15.994 oz.

    • The mailing piece must be more than 10 ½ long OR more than 6 1/8 high OR more than .25” thick. (AND ALL pieces, while meeting one of those requirements, must also measure by at least 3 1/2 inches.) USPS doesn’t use the term “width”, they are looking for the “height”. To clarify, regardless of how it is bound, the longest side of any piece is always considered the “length” and the shortest side is always considered the “height”.

    • You must have your own mail permit number ($190 annual fee and you can get this at the mailing requirements office at the main post office in your local area). You can gain access to one here (www.uspseverydoor.com/). You may also choose to use your mail center or printer’s permit number so ask them if they have one for you to use (it is very common that they do have one for you to use). If you do this (which is recommended for convenience), you can have your mailing verified at their location and then dropped shipped to the local DDU (usually covers only 1 zip code) or DSCF (covers multiple zip codes w/in a city) that your job is mailing to.

    4. Some other things to be considered:

    • EDDM/Retail must ship to the local DDU to get this low rate (this is the term used for the post office closest to the place where your mailings or carrier routes are) so you need to get a shipping cost to that location and combine it with the 14.2 cents per piece cost to realize your total mailing expenditure. Your printer might also charge a nominal fee to get everything prepared for your mailing but you should not pay more than $5-$7 per K at most for this.

    • EDDM/BMEU must be verified at the BMEU where the permit number is registered. And although it is no longer required, USPS recommends using the city, state, 5 digit zip code. If you do this and have a mailing that covers multiple zip codes, you will have additional costs in the form of ink jetting fees or plate change costs (this is where you change out a plate during the press run to put a different zip code on a portion of the print run).

    • The recommended number of magazines in each bundle is 50-100 but this is something that your printer or mail house should be familiar with.

    • For EDDM/BMEU, the magazines need to be bundled by carrier route with facing slip annotated with number of pieces in bundle (i.e. ‘bundle 1 of 5’ 50 pieces). Your printer or mailing house should know this already, but this is still good knowledge to have.

    • You will need a CRID (Customer Registration Identification) to mail thru EDDM/Retail. There is no cost to this and you can get one here (www.uspseverydoor.com/).

    5. To calculate the rate of your postage for EDDM/BMEU:

    • Go to this link (http://dbcalc.usps.gov/) and under “Flat”, select “Standard Mail”. Rates start at 15.1 cents and go up from there based on weight and the location where you drop these in the mail.

    • Scroll down to “Carrier Route Flats” (this is because you will be mailing to all the addresses in carrier routes and if this isn’t what you’re looking for then EDDM is not for you).

    • Put in the weight of the piece and then put the quantity of your mail piece in the “Saturation” column.

    • For Destination entry, select none if you do not plan to ship it to a local postal station and just put in the mail at the location of where you got everything prepared. This will most likely not be your best bet since it is almost always a better deal to pay for shipping and save on the difference in postage that will come from shipping to a local postal station.

    • You will most likely select DSCF (if you have more than 1 zip code) or DDU (if you only have 1 zip code) to get your postage costs (and remember to account for the shipping costs to get your magazines drop shipped to these local stations along with the handling fees from your printer and/or mailing house to get everything prepared and remember that you should not pay more than $5-$7 per K for this).

    I know that even in breaking this down, you still will most likely have some questions because the USPS likes to make things unnecessarily complicated, especially with all of their fun acronyms. But, it is important to understand that EDDM is a relatively new service, and USPS is making every attempt to work through the kinks and listen to their customers needs to help enhance the service.The success or failure of any direct response marketing effort completely hinges on the quality of the mailing list.

    You can have the most incredible products or services, make the most attractive offer ever, and execute award-winning creative. But, if you’re not getting them in front of the eyes and into the hands of the right audience, your direct response marketing effort will fail. Completely.

    That’s why you need to use ValCards for all your direct and email list needs.

    No one else provides a more comprehensive, one-stop source of specialty and compiled mailing lists for every requirement from responder, lifestyle and interest lists to activities and membership lists, and everything in between.

    DirectMail.com gives you access to literally tens of thousands of mailing lists.

    Consumer Mailing Lists & Sales Leads – You can build a mailing list by simply drawing the areas you want to mail on a map. View your target prospects and select advanced demographics. GeoSelector uses our precise geocoding technology to provide you with the most accurate list available. It is perfect for realtors, small business owners, or anyone needing local consumer data. You can also view your neighborhood or target market using satellite imagery; our advanced overlay technology allows you to select geographical areas such as voting districts, congressional districts, and school districts. All are based on the data’s location and your selection.Business Mailing Lists & Sales Leads – Build a business list by defining business type, geography, and more. Business mailing lists contain company names and addresses for businesses nationwide. Telephone numbers are included where available at no additional charge!

    New Movers Mailing Lists – Build a new movers mailing list by defining geographic and demographic selects as well as by timing range of move. New movers mailing lists contain names and addresses for new movers nationwide. We update our files daily to ensure they  only contain records of persons who moved recently.

    New Homeowners Mailing Lists – Build a new homeowners mailing list by defining geographic and demographic selects as well as by timing range of move. New homeowners mailing lists contain the names and addresses of new homeowners nationwide. Telephone numbers are optional depending on the type of mailing list campaign selected, Mail Only, Mail with Telemarketing Follow-up or Telemarketing.

    Mortgage Mailing Lists – ValCards property/mortgage file offers known homeowners that hold great potential for marketers, having above-average incomes, greater buying needs and higher buying power than renters. DirectMail.com compiles mortgage data exclusively from public records, including detailed mortgage transaction and property characteristics gathered from the county tax assessor files. We update the database with deed records from our new homeowners file each month, resulting in an unprecedented level of freshness and accuracy.

    A More Targeted Mailing List – Need a more targeted mailing list that is not listed here? Search Specialty Mail List Requests/ Data Cards.

    Sizes for Postcards

    Postcards are an inexpensive way to get an immediate message to customers. When they arrive in the mail, there’s the message — no envelope to open! First-Class Mail postcards are a great value, too. With First-Class Mail postcards, you pay a low price and get all of the benefits, like forwarding and return that come with First-Class Mail. And, if you mail with single-piece First-Class Mail postage affixed, there is no extra work involved — simply drop the postcards in a collection box.

    You may think that your mailpiece is a “postcard,” because it is a single sheet of paper.  But to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, it must be:

    • Rectangular
    • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick  
    • No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick 

    If your mailpiece does not meet the dimensions above, then the Postal Service considers it a letter and letter-size postage is charged.  With Standard Mail, there is a little more flexibility — there is no separate (lower) price for postcards, so you don’t have to worry about your postcard being too big — because you’re paying letter prices anyway.  But make sure that your postcard is no larger than 6-1/8″ x 11-1/2″ x 1/4″ thick. Mailpieces larger than any of those dimensions and you’ll have to pay flats (large envelope) postage prices.

    Some mailers want to attach stickers, magnets, or other items to their postcards. However, an attachment may disqualify the mailpiece for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price—or even make it nonmailable.

    Postcard Sizes – How to Choose the Right Postcard Size

                                           Postcard Sizes – How to Choose the Right Postcard Size

    You can select from a wide variety of postcard sizes. The United States post office has standards for the size postcard you can use to mail your vacation picture. That’s the postcard most people send when they travel.  But now you can get a postcard and use as a wedding invitation!  I’ve seen business openings on a postcard. My friend sent a postcard invitation to her son’s graduation from college. An invitation to a baby shower, bridal shower, gallery opening, new retail store or sale are all useful for a postcard in a particular size. It can be an inexpensive method of advertising or marketing. Most people simply pick the size which appeals to them most. Size matters when it comes to card because it conveys a certain message to the recipient. Use the following tips to choose the best size so that you can make the most out of the card you are sending. Define the purpose of your card taking into account its recipient, so that you can choose among the different postcard sizes. Each size conveys a certain message, so you would want to make sure that you will send the right one.

    4×6 cards are small and elegant. They are more formal so they should be used for less important occasions and to recipients that will just accept the good gesture without it conveying any personal message to them. While 5×7 cards are more personal, 4×9 cards are more formal and much more sophisticated compared to all of their counterparts. Postcard sizes larger than 5×8 bring an utterly personal message, so it is best to send such large cards to close friends and family only.

    Consider the size of your message, when choosing between the different postcard sizes. 4×6 cards allow you to write down a short message and so do the 4×9 cards. You should be careful with the latter, as only writing with short sentences actually looks good on them. It will not be a mistake to say that 5×7 cards give you enough space to write a powerful message that is personal and have special meaning to you and to the recipient.  If you have a lot to say to the recipient, you can readily opt for postcard sizes larger than 5×7.

    Cost is another important factor that will determine your choice of size to a great extent. The cards with different postcard sizes have different prices and different postal charges. That is why you should decide how much you are ready and able to spend and set a budget, especially if you plant to send cards in bulk. The simple rule that applies here is that the smaller the card is the cheaper it is. Still, you have to take into account all other factors that affect the price per card. These factors include the material the item is made from, the picture on it and any additional features present.

    Choose a card size that can be matched by a standard envelope. This may sound obvious, since there are special envelopes for 4×6, 5×7, 4×9 and 5×8 postcard sizes. However, not all cards have standard sizes. Even it is just a couple of millimeters longer or wider, the card will not be able to get into a standard envelope. That is why you have to ask specifically for the size before you make a purchase.

    Now you know how to make the best choice between different postcard sizes. Just keep in mind that even though size matters a lot, the picture and the message on the card are even more important.

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