Die Cut Postcards

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Unique Direct Mail By ValCards

ValCards is a turnkey creative direct mail company. Since petitioning the United States Postal Service in 2003 to create a brand new category of shaped postcard mail – called Customized Marketmail – ValCards has evolved to become the premier direct marketing source for eye-catching direct mail ideas and designs. 

For the first time, with ValCards, advertisers and direct marketers have the ability to create and refine brand identities while promoting a sale at the same time. Plus, our unique brand of shaped mailer and rectangular mailer campaigns are so new and distinct that they consistently earn response rates 3-5 times higher than traditional postcard mailers. Ask any of our customers, we're re-inventing direct mail! 

ValCards -

  • Get more immediate response than ordinary direct mail
  • Offer a higher-quality, longer-lasting impression than even print and broadcast mediums
  • Deliver your message with maximum impact
  • Never require an envelope

Eye-catching shapes, brilliant colors and durable materials make ValCards the media you can't ignore.

Customized MarketMail

Make mail in any shape… and skip the envelope, too.

Illustrate your message creatively and cost-effectively with a mailpiece in any shape or design imaginable. Customized MarketMail® offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses that can be tailored to help your campaign meet its goals. With options for coupons and reply cards, it’s a unique opportunity to track campaign effectiveness while sticking to a budget.