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Customized MarketMail

Make mail in any shape… and skip the envelope, too.

Illustrate your message creatively and cost-effectively with a mailpiece in any shape or design imaginable. Customized MarketMail® offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses that can be tailored to help your campaign meet its goals. With options for coupons and reply cards, it’s a unique opportunity to track campaign effectiveness while sticking to a budget.

Give your mailing personality.
Nearly any shape goes. An image of your product, a cartoon character, a floral bouquet—whatever you choose to illustrate the offer. Even die-cuts and varying thicknesses are available.

Stand out from other mail.
Unexpected shapes and creative formats don’t come every day. Imaginative pieces prompt engagement and response—and are sometimes pinned up and shared.

Use cut-out options.
Design your piece to include die-cuts, voids, or holes, and benefit from the ability to mail them without an envelope.

Attach an offer or response device.
Add a call-to-action with coupons, reply cards, and barcoded swipe cards… and track the responses for your next campaign.

What if my mailpiece is too large to fit inside a mailbox?
Each Customized MarketMail® piece must bear the appropriate carrier release endorsement, indicating that a deliverable Customized MarketMail piece will be left in a safe location near the recipient’s mailbox.

What kind of coupons, premium offers, or other items can be attached?
Coupons or premium offers within Customized MarketMail pieces, subject to current Postal Service™ requirements. These items may be attached to the outside of Customized MarketMail pieces as long as the attachments are no more than 1/4″ thick. 

How do I ship Customized MarketMail?
Use Priority Mail® or Express Mail® services to ship your mailing to a Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) (the facility where the mail will be sorted for delivery by the mail carrier), or take them directly there. Each time you plan to mail Customized MarketMail pieces, you must mail at least 200 pieces per mailing, but not all of them need to be for the same DDU.

I’ve mailed die-cut mail pieces before—how is this different?
With Customized MarketMail service, you don’t need to enclose non-rectangular, die-cut pieces in an envelope or box. This eliminates the cost of containing the message and makes it immediately visible.

Is Return Service available for undeliverable Customized MarketMail?
Deliverable mailpieces will be left at the address, while mail that is undeliverable as addressed will be discarded. Use a complete delivery address with the addressee shown in one of three formats: name, name plus “or current resident” or simply “occupant” with no name. As with any mailing, an updated and complete customer mail file helps your message reach your desired target.

Are there any weight and size limits?
Customized MarketMail pieces can’t weigh more than 3.3 oz. Pieces can be between 3-1/2″ and 12″ high and 5″ and 15″ long, with length being the distance between the two outermost points. Pieces don’t have to be uniform in thickness, but must be between 0.007″ at the thinnest point and 3/4″ at the thickest point, including attachments.

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