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Custom Die Cut Plastic Postcards

If part of your overall marketing campaign is to use direct mail, why not use plastic postcards instead of traditional paper? It’s a proven fact that plastic postcards can increase your response by as much as 75%.

Getting noticed these days takes creativity, ingenuity and, yes a bit of luck never hurts either. You want your marketing material to ‘pop’ – you want it to catch your reader’s attention right away, so it will get noticed, not tossed into the trash bin.

You can include a special discount card or free merchandise card and have your information clearly posted on the card. There is no envelope to open, so your plastic postcard gets noticed right away. The high quality plastic postcards mean that your target audience will take a second look. Many times, paper flyers and other direct mail items end up right in the trash without being read.

  • Our plastic postcard advertising programs generate new customers at the lowest cost per lead.
  • We handle everything from start to finish, giving you more time to focus on your business
  • Our unique design is the thickest piece allowed in the mail stream, giving your offer more of a WOW factor
  • We can track your buyer demographic information, allowing you to target future mailings
  • Our digital printing ensures the highest quality of images for your campaign
  • Each plastic postcard can be personally addressed to the prospective Which plastic postcard printing options will you need? The options needed vary with the application, with the most typical plastic postcards including a punch-out card or tag, variable printing and a bar code or numbering. The standard printing options are explained below. ValCards specializes in custom applications, so let customer service know if you have custom needs not described below.Almost all plastic post cards are printed with variable data. Variable data printing can be simple addressing of each postcard and each punch out – or – it can include complex changes in messaging and image on the postcard, the punch out or both pieces. Variable printing often includes customer names, special personalized offers, membership information, policyholder information, contact information, important dates and more. The only real limit to variable data printing is the amount of space available on the plastic postcard and the punch out.

    Plastic postcards can include a magnetic or mag stripe. Mag stripes are used to encode information like account numbers, insurance groups, membership type, name, address, phone number and more. A mag stripe can also be used in promotional plastic mailers as “secret code” or “winning number” gimmick; more uses that are sophisticated include code to track customer purchases, frequency of use and other marketing information. To benefit from mag stripe features, you will need certain data processing capabilities. Let our customer service team know if you need help with mag stripe data processing. We can help find a VIP mag stripe data processing system company.

    A signature panel can be added to our plastic postcards. Add a signature panel if you need to verify that the card to the card holder. While signature panels are a low-level security check, they can be useful on insurance and membership cards.

    Bar codes and numbering can be added to the postcard and to most punch out piece. Adding barcodes is a requirement if your cards or tags need to be scanned.  Our postcards can be printed with many different barcode symbologies in a variety of printing sizes.

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