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Credit Card Mailers

Want a unique mailer campaign that gets your customer’s attention? Try a Credit Card Mailer. You can now emboss the customer’s first and last name on a 30 mil card and attach it to just about any one of ValCards custom mailers. This is the most innovative promotion in the last 20 years and we can safely say, this mailer has been generating the highest response in the industry. Be the first in your market! With a Credit Card Mailer promotion, we continue to target your existing customers on your database using our state of the art software and procedures for ensuring we get your product and services in the homes of consumers that need what you are offering.

Credit Card Mailers can be any size mailer with many graphics options! The sky’s the limit on this amazing direct mailer piece!

Credit crisis?  How about credit cards?  America loves credit.  Send them a true, heavy duty plastic, embossed credit card with their name on it and watch your establishment become flooded with consumers.  Advertising is all about getting the end responder to view your message and you will with our Credit Card Mailers.

By tapping into the greed of the average human being, your message will not just get opened, but TORN open to see what type of credit card they just received.  While pulling the real, heavy duty plastic, embossed card off the advertising message on the Credit Card Mailer. They  will have no choice but to look at what your message says.  Do you believe in your message?  If so then this investment will make them look.

The number one obstacle in automotive direct mail is getting the mail delivered, opened, and read.  If that doesn’t happen, then the message inside is irrelevant!  You can offer 80% off – this weekend only, but if arrives in homes looking like everything else, it’s a bust. 

The number one way to overcome the number one obstacle is to do the number one program on the market.  Our US Capital MasterCard and Granite Bay Acceptance Card Mailers are superb.  The finest in automotive direct mail is here, today, and is setting records at this moment as you read this.

You can feel the 30mm PVC plastic postcards are great.  It’s the same size, weight, and thickness of an ATM card or a credit card.  It even has the customer’s name in raised-embossed lettering. Once the customer sees the high-quality card with their name embossed (raised lettering) on it, they perceive the offer as important and informative.  With most of the initial skepticism removed from the equation, your customer will read the credit offer with an open mind asking, what’s in it for me?

There’s no magic formula here.  Doing mail this way brings six times the national average response rate – it’s insane.  Try it, you’ll see.

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