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Having a business can be considered as an achievement and continuous challenge. You are being able to earn for yourself and at the same time, you need to invest on materials that would help you be recognized by your target customers. You must also keep in mind the budget which you will use for the marketing strategy, which can be a bit challenging especially when you only have a few cash to spare. This is where print products like postcards become the ideal advertising or marketing tools.

With postcards, you can choose to do direct mail or personally hand over your custom made cards to the clients. These things could be creatively designed, plus the provided space is enough to hold your personal messages for the people. You are even gaining the chance of strengthening your business’s image with the cards when effectively done. All you have to do is be creative and think about the impression you want to gain from the crowd. In this way, you could come up with a postcard design perfect for your purpose.

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Postcard Marketing 101


Whether you’re an old pro or just a beginner, reviewing the direct mail basics before launching a new campaign can help give you an edge, especially since direct mail has changed.

Direct mail success

To be successful, any direct mail piece must do three things in 5 seconds or less:

  1. Grab the customer’s attention
  2. Answer the question: What’s in it for me?
  3. Give the customer a way to respond
Direct mail elements

These three functions are performed by the three main elements of all direct mail campaigns, be they postcard, envelope, or custom mail-piece campaigns.

  • Also known as audience
  • Knowing your audience is vital to grabbing their attention
  • Grabs the customer’s attention
  • Includes response methods and/or mechanisms
  • Answers the question: "What's in it for me?"
  • Holds the customer’s attention by being relevant, i.e., offering something they want or need


Here is how the keys to direct mail success correspond to the three main elements:

  1. Grab the customer’s attention = List/Offer/Creative
  2. Answer the question: What’s in it for me? = Offer/List
  3. Give the customer a way to respond = Creative
Other factors

To get the most out of your postcard marketing efforts, there are four other factors to consider:




Track results to understand profit and loss


Test variables to improve results


Understand the tools available for your campaign


The big picture of the direct mail business