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Top 5 Creative Direct Mail Pieces of 2013

It used to be a simple piece of paper. Then gradually, direct mail pieces evolved with better designs, more font choices and added creativity. And in today’s market, creativity reigns supreme for marketers that want to captivate their audience.

With each year direct mail pieces continue to get better and better—and 2013 was no exception.

Creative Direct Mail Ideas

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Every one is looking for direct mail ideas that are going to generate better response and double your sales numbers. At ValCards we are always working to find that new idea for our customers. We make it our business to spot the latest direct mail trends and not to for get the old standbys that have been working so well over the years. We want you to succeed with your direct mail efforts. We know that is how we are going to succeed.

Mail Piece Designs

We are constantly working on new mail piece designs that will get the attention of the recipient and increase return on investment. Our design team are also direct mail research and development experts. Our goal is to come up with creative direct mailers that will help our customers succeed with their direct mail campaigns.