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Imagine combining your plastic loyalty card or gift card program with an economical direct mail campaign. The benefits for combining the two mediums are finally realized! We have merged plastic cards and key tags with a postcard mailer and created a solution that is both affordable and effective in getting your company more business.

Plastic Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards have soared in popularity the past few years and they are more popular today than ever before. Utilize our new direct mail plastic card postcard to distribute plastic cards to your customers. Plastic cards simply pop-out of the post card and retain their inherent durability and resilience. These are the same plastic cards you would distribute by hand, but with added convenience of mailing them like a standard direct mail postcard.

We have developed a postcard mailer that incorporates the ease of use of a regular postcard and also incorporating a standard credit card sized plastic card and key tag. Each postcard has full color digital printing on the front and back. When a customer receives their mailer, they can pop-out a colorful plastic card they can use again and again when the come to your place of business to purchase goods or services. Discounts, special offers, memberships or incentives related to your business can be associated with this type of mailing to further boost your customer’s response to your campaign.

We will handle all aspects of imprinting and mailing your plastic card postcards via our USPS Mailing Permit. With a mailing list of potential or existing customers, we can address each card and mail them directly to their mailbox. Just imagine, getting a new membership base is as easy as sending out a mass mailing using your distribution list. Your company will reap the benefits from a targeted direct mail campaign that brings your customers back to redeem or gain discounts with the plastic card they receive in the mail. Just like cards offered by many big retailers, these are high quality, high-resolution printed plastic cards. Our digital printing press is capable of duplicating the clarity and sharpness of detail from any high resolution graphics and images. We make them this way because we know how important it is to impress your audience with a quality product and making sure your plastic cards will be retained and used by your customers.

Our plastic cards can be made with a variety of custom features depending on your needs or purpose for your mailing. Plastic Card Mailer upgrades can include: Barcodes, Magnetic Stripes, Stripe Encoding, Numbering, Personalization or Custom Die Cutting. Do you want an added flair of originality? We can make your mailer from clear of frosted plastics for a unique direct mail piece that is sure to grab attention. Just contact our sales department if you have any questions about what options are available and let us know how your next order should be fulfilled.

Our Art Department is available to help in the set-up of your plastic card postcard mailer. We do not charge any set-up or art fees to produce your plastic card mailer and we will work with you to produce for you “exactly” the product you are looking for. Our proofing and print approval process assures each customer that they are getting a well made product.

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