Automotive Dealership Direct Mailers - Car Dealership Postcard Mailers

Our Campaign system allows for precise marketing to automotive consumers who are more likely to convert. Our high quality designs have strong call to actions and help build your brand while connecting with the consumer.

Automotive Targeted Marketing

Let's face it, as much as we would love it, not everyone is online. To that end, we have a detailed program to help you reach your consumers in every avenue. From custom designs to traditional offers. Our Campaign Manager is one of the first to be fully integrated with your dealership and allows for immediate ROI tracking. Another feature is our highly qualified design team and their ability to enhance your current marketing programs.

Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

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Auto Sales Marketing Ideas

When it comes to auto sales marketing, you need a strategy that is effective, reliable and  affordable. Say hello to direct mail postcards (you’ve probably met before).

Auto Sales Marketing - Easy to Start, Runs Smooth

Postcards are where it's at for auto sales. They bring you more clients immediately, as well as increase the name recognition of your dealership in the community.

With that said, choosing the right postcard to market your automotive sales dealership can be tricky. Here are a few qualities that are essential to a successful postcard campaign:

  • A bold, attention-grabbing headline
  • An image that supports the text
  • A compelling offer and call-to-action (They need a reason to call!)
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to contact you

After you have chosen a card, we will need to work with you to formulate the perfect mailing list for your dealership. It will be based on criteria describing your best clients. This list, combined with a regular mailing schedule, will turn your postcard into a marketing machine. Sit back and watch the new clients roll in!