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5 Plastic Postcard Mistakes



In previous articles, ideas and tips were explained to make your plastic postcards a true representation of your business and to ensure the best response rate possible. However, many companies fall short of a successful mailing campaign. It can be so easy to just miss the mark to grab your customer’s attention and to keep it. You are trying to show your business and why others need you, but you can miss your target. In order to have successes, it’s important to know what not to do, so here are 5 plastic postcard mistakes to avoid in your mailing campaign.




Consistency is key to any mailing campaign. When a homeowner sees your plastic postcard consistently, they will remember your business name. Homeowners will think to themselves, “Who is this company that keeps sending me such nice, creative, colorful mail with a great savings pop out? It stands out from the rest.” What a mistake it can be to not consistently mail to your mailing list once for at least 3 months. It is most likely you won’t get a response right away, so don’t give up.


Random Campaigns


Imagine a football player going into a game uneducated on all the plays. And this game isn’t any game, it’s the Superbowl and that football player is the quarterback. What do you think is going to happen? Do you think his team is going to win? No. The football player is unprepared and is going to waste this one chance and opportunity to play such an important game. A direct mail campaign can be just like this football player. Going into a game or starting a new mailing campaign with no education or plan can waste a great opportunity or in this case, money. Why waste your time and energy without having some game plan and purpose for your campaign?


Pointless Content


Another disastrous mistake that can ruin your plastic postcards is pointless and irrelevant content. Why have text or images that don’t relate or correspond to your business and message? It’s like a history book that is talking about cooking, it makes no sense. You want relevant content that attracts new customers, instead of distracting them. First impressions are everything, you only have one chance to show your customer what your business is and why they need your services. You need to direct the conversation and be relevant to them. Don’t distract your business with irrelevant and pointless content.


Unsuccessful Call to Action


It is so crucial to have a strong, powerful, and impactful call to action. A call to action is what urges consumers to come to you immediately. Call to actions consists of thoughtful tactics and words that explain benefits of the product make readers take action and buy the product. For example, “Buy our limited edition, super soft memory foam mattress for 50% off this holiday season!” A bad example would be, “Buy this now!” Why? Because you are simply stating that someone should buy something without any reasoning to purchase it. Your consumer will ask, “Why?”. Why should they buy this? Making such a blunt statement will leave the customer to think that your product or service is pointless, irrelevant and that you just want their money.


Not Following Up With Your Mailing List


Just like mentioned before about inconsistency, it’s so important to follow up with your current mailing list. You want to be remembered and want to keep reminding your customers that you are the best. So they don’t lead to your competitors. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, keep it. You must remember that you are not the only mail that your mailing list receives. There is a stack of competition in your consumer’s mailbox. In order to survive the fight, you must keep fighting.


In the end, it is so key to making a great impression on your mailing list and potential customers. Be sure to mail consistently, have meaningful campaigns, relevant content, a successful call to action, and to follow up with your mailing list. In doing all these things, you are guaranteed to make a great first impression on your customers. It would be very upsetting and costly to waste your money on silly mistakes in your mailing campaign.


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