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30Mil Plastic Card Printing

The 30mil plastic card is a thicker plastic card. It is essentially the same as a credit card in terms of size and thickness. There are many functional ways to use this type of card, from marketing purposes to identification. Our plastic card printing is high quality, vibrant and full of choices. If a strong, water and tear-proof card is that you are looking for, then our plastic cards are your answer.

Memberships Cards are an affordable way to boost sales, grow loyalty, and raise money for your club or organization. 

They make your members feel “special” . . . whether you own a private gym, volunteer organization, booster club, or run a small business like a coffee shop, hair salon, or lunch truck. They’re also great for shopping clubs, local libraries, bookstores, pharmacies, bars, restaurants, and tourism operators.

Some Tips & Ideas for You:

  • Reward your VIP customers for their loyalty (and repeat business) by offering a juicy discount, special bonus or “perk of the month” when they present their card.
  • Membership cards have a long life once they find their way into wallets — so put your organization’s important contact information on your cards.
  • Use them as a Fundraiser to Support Your Local Youth Sports Team or Other Cause: Team up with other local businesses and offer multiple discounts – there’s room on the back to fit several logos and offers. (You can even charge businesses a small fee/donation for the advertising space on your cards.) And/or give the cards as thank yous to those who donate to your team (and use the space on the back of the card to include game dates or special events information.

Plastic Gift Cards are a great way for you to earn more money for your business all year round – and especially during the holidays. 

On average, gift cards have a redemption rate of 88%, meaning that 12 cents out of every dollar is never redeemed. And that’s money in YOUR pocket. 

Plastic gift cards look like a credit cards and are more likely to be kept by the recipient (even past any expiration date you may establish). So be sure to include your logo and contact information on your Gift Cards to get extra marketing exposure. 

Some Tips & Ideas for you:

  • Promote your available Gift Cards right at your counter, emphasizing the convenience they provide for gift-giving; make it even easier for by providing printed matching envelopes that include a “To” and “From” line on them, maybe even several versions like “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Holidays,” and “Just Because.”
  • Have your best customers do some marketing for you! If they love your business, they may want to buy gift cards for their friends and family to introduce them to your services or products. You can incentivize them by offering a $10 gift card for them when they purchase a $50 gift card for someone else.

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