Plastic Postcards

The Ultimate Postcard Mailer

Credit Card Thick Plastic Postcards with Card Pop-Outs

No Envelope • 100% Read Rate • High ROI Direct Mail

Grow your business with our Credit Card Thick Plastic Pop-Out Card Postcards. Pinpoint and Laser Target your Ideal Customer Profile. Choose Age Range, Income Level, Home Owners, Certain Radius Around your Location, and much more.

Industry Leader in Direct Mail Marketing Innovation & Cutting Edge Printing Technology

Attract new buyers. Reward loyal customers. Maximize your advertising budget.

Direct mail continues to rank among the most effective sales and marketing techniques even in the digital age. When you combine the power of direct mail with an attractive full color plastic postcard, you increase the likelihood of attracting attention, creating a bigger impact and getting the results you’re looking for. 

Direct Mail Marketing. Re-Invented.

Plastic postcards offer many advantages over paper postcards printed on conventional card stock, including:

Full color digital printing on front and back that grabs attention and allows you to deliver more content, including features and benefits, special offers and discounts, and your location and contact information; Durability to travel through the postal system and arrive in excellent condition without disappearing behind the barrier of an envelope; A unique look and feel that stands out from other direct mail pieces and is more likely to be retained for future use. 

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ValCards Plastic Postcards Work!

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The Ultimate Postcard Mailer

Grow your business with Plastic Postcard Marketing Today. 

Plastic Postcard Printing and Mailing

Get some of the highest response rates in direct mailing today!

This direct mailing postcard can be mailed through the US Postal Service and can contain a punch-out plastic card or plastic card and key tag combination. This die cut postcard makes people take notice, stands out and is distinctive among the other direct mailings in the mailbag. It's full color design, personalized messages and thick, shiny .30 mil plastic laminate make them virtually impossible to overlook.

Many businesses already utilize this terrific direct mailer for many uses, including:

  • plastic loyalty cards
  • insurance postcards
  • plastic membership cards
  • customer loyalty keytags
  • custom gift cards
  • VIP identification cards

We have 3 standard postcard sizes, they can be printed in full color on one or both sides, can include:

  • magnetic stripes (encoded or unencoded)
  • barcodes
  • consecutive numbering
  • variable data
  • variable images

Mailing and/or fulfillment services are available for your complete one-stop shopping experience.

MARKETS: Service companies, Casinos, Retailers, Non-profit organization, Schools/Universities, Alumni associations, Hotels, Hospitals/Clinics, Restaurants, Spas, Manufacturers, Clubs, Automotive dealers, Insurance agencies, Real estate agents, Trade show companies And More...

Mailing fulfillment

We also offer full mailing fulfillment services. Addressing and personalization, even variable imaging are done inline in line for efficiency. CASS certification, presort and NCOA presort help ensure precision and accuracy with your mailing. ValCards handles it all - from start to finish!


  • Membership card mailer
  • VIP Invitations
  • New Product promotion
  • Calendar promotion
  • Service contact card mailer
  • School fundraiser mailer
  • Emergency notification card
  • Insurance cards
  • Store moving notifications
  • Warranty cards
  • Referral cards
  • Bar Coding, Serial Numbering, Signature Panels, Magnetic Stripes, Scratch-Off Panel, Personalization, Custom Shaped Die.

Direct Mail with Irresistible Incentives Make the Difference

ValCards Direct Mail Postcard

The key to success with any direct mail campaign is to get your target’s attention, then motivate them to act with customer incentives, and nothing does this better than ValCards custom plastic card mailer. Retailers, restaurants and service providers report an increase in their direct mail responses using ValCards, with detachable plastic card and incentive pop-outs.

We produce and mail millions of direct mail cards for a variety of companies and organizations including:

  • Auto Dealers
  • IT and Hosting Companies
  • Banks
  • Rental Companies
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Regional Malls
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Home Security
  • Health Care Providers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Online Service Providers

Complete Plastic Card Customization

ValCards Mailer with a breakout gift card

Improve your direct mail rates by personalizing your plastic card mailers. Our beautiful full color printing combined with variable data application allows us to provide an entirely customized product specifically targeted to your audience. Using your customer database, we can further match incentives with individuals, and imagery with personalities, laser focusing your marketing efforts and response.

Whatever your requirements, ValCards is your source for manufacturing and managing your plastic card mailer program. We can deliver mailings to you or your mailing vendor, or take the hassle out of your program by managing and fulfilling your mailing directly to your customers.

Why Custom Plastic Card Mailers Work

  • Embedded Incentives // Direct mail responses increase significantly when a discount or incentive is incorporated into the piece. Removable ValCards mailer incentive cards and key tag easily go on the key ring or into the wallet for later use.
  • Unparalleled Customer Response // Many companies have already increased their customer base using the ValCards mailer. 
  • High-Value Gets Noticed // Cutting through advertising clutter is increasingly difficult, but ValCards mailers succeed. The heft and stiffness of our plastic card mailers convey higher value, so recipients are less likely to toss and ignore.
  • Incentives Drive Traffic // Stores, especially if underperforming, get a sales boost by incorporating a special offer corresponding to a store promotion, and the ValCards plastic card mailer makes getting the word out easy and effective.
  • Reward Customers & Grow Your Business // Loyalty programs not only reward customers, but provide critical customer data that helps you grow your business.
  • Target the Customers You Want // Reduce the waste of mass-mailings and connect with your preferred demographics through advanced, custom targeted direct-mailings. Use your existing list, or let us help you generate one.
  • Maximize Co-Branding Efforts // When you leverage core vendor relationships and offer specials to your customers with our plastic mailers, everyone wins.
  • New Movers Program // When potential new customers move into your area you need to know, and make your product available to them ASAP !